Thursday, 23 June 2022

A possible name

I know this is trivial. But this is an autobiographical blog, and so all personal trivia is germane to what the blog is for. 

I am still thinking about a name for my new Leica X Vario camera. All my most important electronic personal possessions get named nowadays. It all started when Bluetooth became useful, and it was convenient to give individual devices an easy-to-remember name for detection, pairing and ongoing connection purposes. Then it became a personal tradition to name successive mobile phones, regardless of the Bluetooth angle. This has extended to laptops. And most recently, to my cameras.  

I give my devices female names. I don't want any bad boys among them. They also have to be names compatible with my own, and my particular approach to life. These are essentially gadgets so close to my heart that I regard them as friends. And just as there are real people with names that put me off - perhaps because of negative or unfortunate associations - so I find myself being very picky about naming a device I use all the time, and must absolutely rely on. So no male names, nor any with bad vibes. 

I also need to reserve a set of possible names for my next car, even though that acquisition is years away now. 

And I am reluctant to re-use a name. Thus Lili, the name I gave to my previous Leica camera (sold on after only a few months), will never be given to another device.

This rather narrows down the possibilities! A wide choice remains, but most are not suitable, or in some way unappealing.

Of course, my latest camera has its own proper name - the Leica X Vario - which abbreviates to LXV. There's nothing wrong with LXV. But I do occasionally call my photographic friend LVX by mistake. Some kind of proper name would avoid this. 

Nothing as appropriate as Lili has so far come to mind. I'm definitely not going to call LXV Helga or Gretel or Birgitta or Hilda, even though (like Lili) LXV hails from Germany. 

Today I thought of Lexy - or Lexy Vee in full.'s easy to remember, and a good play on the initials LXV. But does it suit my camera? Lexy. I'd associate a name like that with an exciting and extrovert personality, one that stands out from the crowd. The name of a go-getter, a celebrity. It's almost a stage name. Is it however suitable for a black object clutched by a sober senior lady with a gammy leg? On the other hand, why not? Maybe the two of us can together become a photographic force like never before! 

Lucy and Lexy. 

I'll mull it over. And if any reader has a take on this subject, do let me hear it.

Same day sequel

To be honest, I've had more pressing matters things to think about today, such as arranging payment for the boiler installation work. And trying to work out which parts of the unexpected electrical work must be done, as opposed to what might ideally be done. It's very much a case of 'I could afford to have my home comprehensively rewired if only this had cropped up next year'. As it is, I can - at the moment - only find the money for a limited amount of work, unless I completely blow my remaining emergency fund, which would be most unwise. I don't want to take out a loan.

So there's been precious little thought given to camera names. It's just not important enough. 

I've a sneaking feeling that I will carry on referring to my camera as LXV. I'm sure it won't mind.

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