Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Second Covid-19 jab missed by a whisker

Would you believe it. A text today from my GP practice to invite me for my second Covid-19 vaccination! A little sooner than expected: I thought this would come no earlier than halfway through the month. They can 'do' me in only three days' time. There's a range of appointments I can book on Friday 7th May. 

But I can't take this up. I'm off to Scotland on the 6th. 

I'll now have to wait at least another five weeks. It's so frustrating. Especially as I was speaking to my doctor only last week, and asked if it were possible to get the jab before I set forth. She said no, I couldn't jump the queue. I accepted that. But as it's turned out, very little queue-jumping would have been involved. 

Oh well. I don't suppose it will make any practical difference if I walk around only partly-protected for the next few weeks. I won't be going to raves, for instance.  

The text had a link which took me to the vaccination-bookings site. If not making a booking, I had to give my reason why not. There were several standard reasons I could choose from, set out on a list. None of them applied, so I tapped on the 'because of something else' option, and completed a box to expand on that. I explained that I had booked a five-week holiday, leaving home on the 6th May, and not returning until the 8th June. And that I wanted to make a vaccination appointment asap after that. Then I had to tap an 'opt-out' button.

I didn't like that 'opt-out' button. I wasn't opting out of having the second jab. I very much wanted it. I only wanted to postpone booking a date and time until I was home again. But in the eyes of the medical world, I will be blameful, for putting a booked holiday before an advised vaccination. I'll be thought feckless and irresponsible.

Worse. For all I know, my records might now be marked 'Covid-19 refuser'. Or that, at the very least, I will need to reinstate myself onto the vaccination programme, with great trouble. Starting again at the back of the queue, jostling with twenty-somethings no doubt. How embarrassing for us both. 

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