Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Tegen Accessories says 'thank you' with an offer for my blog readers

Who says that blogging is a useless or pointless activity? Occasionally the write-up of an excellent product brings an unexpected but much-appreciated reward. Here's one I am urged to share with my readers! So please do check it out. 

Tegen Accessories (go to are a Brighton-based hair accessories company who sell superior articles to beautify your hair with, sourced in France but in stock here. I've now bought three items, the latest of which is due to arrive today, in nice time for next week's holiday.  

I was so pleased with my previous two purchases - both of them luxury tortoiseshell-patterned hairbands - and wrote about them (with photos) in my recent posts Tokio Heaven and Which do I prefer? Well, another Tegen customer, who reads these posts, brought them to the company's attention and as a result they sent me an email which I reproduce below:

Note that the 15% discount offered as a thank you is not just for me, but for any reader of mine. It's for any product, for the rest of this month. 

I walked along Meeting House Lane a few days back, when conducting my 35mm lens test. I do now wish I'd noticed where their premises is, rather than concentrating on suitable pictures! Something for when I get back from holiday.

This is the second time in a year that such a thing has happened when I've posted about a beauty product. Clearly businesses in that sector do watch out for positive comments and reach out accordingly. It's a nice comeback for the writer of the positive comment, and of course the business benefits with wider exposure and the chance of more sales. 

I won't however be launching into a new influencing career based on product reviews! I've many other fish to fry. 

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