Sunday, 13 March 2016

Rug rag progress

Having made a good start on Saturday 5th March, I am now beginning my eighth day on the rag rug. I've found it an absorbing pastime, and it's exciting to see the thing come to life. I have surprised myself with my dedication to the task. I've usually been putting in six hours a day, on and off. Say forty hours so far. It's more than two-thirds complete. I very much want to finish the rug by the morning of Wednesday 16th March. Bar hand-sewing a backing on, that is. I could do that in the caravan, once I'm up on the Cotswolds.

The hours spent on the rug have pushed some other activities aside, of course. Hence the lack of blog posts (although I'm catching-up somewhat today). In fact I need a few more days yet to get the rug complete, because temporarily I won't be able to devote so much time to it. There is a competing priority: the caravan must come out of its winter hibernation, and be set up for my trip late next week.

Here's a couple of teaser shots, showing finished sections of the rug. I still think it will be hard to guess what the design is meant to be, but the texture and colours are very pleasing. I'm sure my very first rag rug will be a success - and spur me on to do another.

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