Sunday, 18 December 2016

Weight-loss update

Last week my weight-loss progress stalled.

It's pre-Christmas, and four days of that week involved catch-up get-togethers, with nice-but-naughty food and drink to go with them. Naturally, I paid heed to what I should and shouldn't be consuming, but I did slip. It's plain to me now that the Slimming World weight-loss regime will tolerate three slightly-naughty days, but not four. And if I want to make some progress, two days of mild synning is all I can have. Sad, but true. And so difficult at this time of year!

Thus I'm presently hovering around 14 stone 2 pounds - still hefty - with a BMI of 29.7.

But this is a significant improvement on the 15 stones 0 pounds I weighed in the nude at home on 31st October. Or the 'official' 14 stones 12 pounds at my first Slimming World weigh-in on 3rd November, in light clothing and shoeless. But the magic 'one stone gone' moment is still to come. And my weight-loss target of 2 stones 7 pounds - 35 pounds - is some way off yet. I must avoid further slippage.

I weigh myself at home again tomorrow morning, and in four days' time at the Slimming World group meeting. Synning in the most recent days has been within the limits allowed, so I have high hopes of losing two more pounds. Unfortunately I have a lunch date midweek - although it will be at a Thai fusion restaurant, and there will be 'good' options available. I must go for them. If I work really hard at this, I might yet lose that first stone before Christmas!

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