Thursday, 11 February 2016


Well, one corn anyway! On the side of the toe next to my big right toe. It's suddenly appeared. It's pretty uncomfortable. I do have some proper cushioned pads to prevent further rubbing, but really this looks serious enough to warrant a podiatrist's attention. Not yet, though. I'm not even through the first week of my Jury Service. The appointment must wait.

I'm rather prone to foot problems, forever stubbing toes (with consequences for toe nails), and I have had blisters, small bursas and callouses galore. Also a bout of plantar fasciitis some years back. The right foot generally suffers more than the left; but wear is always even on both shoe soles, so it's not clearly flowing from some walking defect. I never wear heels - I don't even possess any. I have escaped developing any bunions, but corns come easily and seem more frequent than they used to be.

Even so, I was surprised that this one has been created in just a day! On Monday in fact (it's now Thursday). On my first day at Hove Crown Court. My journey there and back - something of an experiment - intentionally involved a fair bit of walking. But only in sections. Yet when I worked it out afterwards, I found that the total walking distance was as much as four miles. That's rather more than I usually do on hard town pavements. It must of course have been down to the shoes worn, and yet they were good shoes - the flat black pair by Hotter in this photo:

Perhaps, despite their short-distance comfort, they were just the wrong sort for four miles of tramping! Even if the tramping was discontinuous, done in sections, with rests in between. And yet I've never developed any corns from wearing them before. Well, I'll see what the podiatrist says.

More money to be spent. Sigh.


  1. Hotters are usually very comfortable, so that's odd. I've been caught out in the past by not buying shoes that are wide enough, so all mine nowadays are EEE. I agree with you, though -- probably best to talk to your corn grinder (podiatrist).


  2. Forget about fashion statements. Wear a good pair of trainers for the hike and then change into your dress shoes after you arrive. It is a bit of a nuisance to have to carry around shoes all day, but I am a firm believer in the maxim, "If your feet, you hurt all over."

    Shoes may feel comfortable, but fail miserably in the support category. I never purchase inexpensive trainers. I buy the best my wallet can tolerate.


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