Saturday, 12 May 2018

That Wedding...

This was popped through my front door today.

(I have of course blacked out the locations and personal addresses)

Hmm. Another racheting-up of Royal Wedding Fever. I really must make up my mind what exactly I am going to do on Saturday 19th May 2018. Do I stay at home, glued to the television like most other people - or do I escape, launching an eager Fiona onto deliciously empty roads, and enjoying an unimpeded fast drive through the Sussex countryside, without the traffic, and without any visible sign of human activity?

I think you can guess which!

It's not that I dislike the young couple one bit. Nor am I anti-Monarchy. It's just that I am not one to instantly conform to popular attitudes, nor fawn on those in the celebrity spotlight.

Harry and Meghan seem like nice people, certainly the kind of next-generation Royal Couple that in future years will keep the Royal Family in high regard and respect. And that's important for the Most Prominent and Important Royal Family on the planet. But my own nod of good luck to them doesn't extend to joining the more social of my village neighbours at a local green spot, to picnic and play ball games. Those with young children may like the idea: if so, I wish them gloriously fine weather, and a lot of fun. But such public heartiness is not for me. It never was.

I am guilty - of course I am - of watching the occasional National Celebration. Some do appeal, especially events that involve rousing music, and nostalgic flag-waving, and spectacular fireworks. You know, Last Night of the Proms stuff. But all that is watched almost accidentally - I generally have something else that I want to do, something more personal.

And I reserve the right to opt out, and not mark the occasion with everybody else. To be honest, my present life can't be affected at all by this wedding. I could take an interest (as one did with William and Kate's wedding) in the venue, the order of ceremony, the outfits, the guests, the vows, and close-ups of the expressions on the senior Royals' faces. But I don't feel inclined to do more than see the highlights later on, on the BBC News.

I am interested in what influence Harry and Meghan might have in the future. They are most unlikely to be King and Queen. But their personalities and willingness to get involved with important global causes might easily make a decisive difference.

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