Monday, 2 April 2018

The dividend

It's always very pleasing to get a hoped-for outcome. Almost three months have passed since having the toe operation to remove that awful nail, and I now have the dividend from it. Yesterday I tried on three pairs of shoes that I bought from Hotter some time ago, and found that they were at last an easy fit at the toe end - for of course the toe operated on has effectively shrunk to normal proportions.

These are the shoes.

They are all summer shoes in suede. The top two pairs (in pastel green and beige) were bought in a Hotter sale as long ago as July 2016, the grey pair at Hotter in May 2017. I bought them in the hope of doing something about the offending nail, perhaps at a chiropodist, in the near future. But that didn't happen until recently, in January 2018, courtesy of the NHS. So all three pairs are still pristine, never yet worn. Now they will be. 

These are not 'statement' shoes. I wanted them to be comfortable to wear and pleasant to look at, but they didn't have to be especially trendy. I saw them going nicely with jeggings and occasionally skirts. Casual stuff. And they are strictly fine-weather footwear. Not for rain.

I expect that, with my toe sorted, I will now expand my shoe collection, adding a couple of summer sandals too. I won't feel awkward about that dreadful nail any more. And without it, I can physically get into a wide range of shoes again. I'd like some dusky pink or red ones next. 

But no high heels. Really, no heels of any kind. Only flats. I never did see the fascination of tottering around on high heels, and risking foot or ankle injury of one sort or another. It seemed to be a requirement imposed by men, to make women's legs look better, and their bottoms stick out more. All very titillating for the men, all very uncomfortable for the women. I admit a lot of women liked their high heels very much indeed, and used them as a badge of womanhood. But I dislike pandering to a stereotype. There has been too much of that. Many things are nice to wear for their own sake, but it's silly to buy them unless they are going to be practical and easy to live with.

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