Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Stitched up again

Readers may remember a post in early January in which I described surgery on a pair of sandals, to convert them from this (when bought new last September)...

...to this...

...so that I could wear them thus, immediately after the toe op on 8th January...

The time had now come to return these sandals to their original state, the toe dressing nowadays being unbulky. So I pulled out the lengths of narrow black ribbon, and (by hand, of course) stitched the two halves of the front strap together again. And then to disguise the join, I sewed some wider black ribbon over it, creating a snazzy black stripe.

This is the result. It'll do, although the sunlight cruelly reveals how amateurish my hand-sewing is - so no clicking on these pictures to take a close-up look!

So now I have nearly-new sandals that I can wear outside, without passers-by convulsing with mirth. And being grey, they will go with many things that I wear. I don't claim that the black stripe is an improvement on the original design, but I'm sure it will pass muster.

Unusually in my experience, these particular sandals are fairly comfortable on my feet, and I do want to use them this summer, and not just while resting up post-op at home.

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