Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Back in proper shoes

Back in slippers, anyway! That's my feet - both of them - just a little while ago. I returned to the Health Centre this morning (Jo was wheels this time) and had the initial post-op dressing removed and the toe redressed in the way it must now be done daily, until the nail bed dries and a tough skin starts to form where the nail used to be.

The new style of dressing - basically a large plaster enclosing (for the first three days) a Melolin pad - is compact, and I will certainly be able to wear boots straight away, and ordinary shoes too if they are roomy enough. Which will enable me to get around out of doors, regardless of the weather. I hadn't realised how active I really was, and how irksome it is to sit for long periods with my feet up. At home, even if I don't go out, I'm constantly getting on my feet and moving around the house; and, of course, there's generally a reason for firing up Fiona every day. I've missed that. Now I won't have to.

This is a shot of the new bandage.

I also took a shot of the toe at the Haywards Heath Health Centre, before it was redressed. That's one for my archives only! It wasn't a ghastly sight by any means, but perhaps not a picture for posting. It shows a raw but healthy-looking nail bed. There had been some weeping, but no bleeding. And throughout, no pain whatever. 

Afterwards, I was perfectly comfortable walking to the nearby Côte Brasserie and having a late breakfast with Jo. And then going a little further, to check out the half-price sale at one of her favourite fashion shops, Elegance. This proved to me that with the new dressing in place I would be able to walk (carefully) at least three hundred yards without the slightest discomfort. But I still intend to take it easy for the rest of today, and avoid walking far for the next week or so. Fiona can do the walking instead. There's also a stick in the boot of my car, just in case. 

I had been dreading a painful recovery. The outcome looks as if it will be better than expected. 

How nice it will be, when the time comes, to wear proper summer shoes!  


  1. Excellent news. You're clearly far too fit now to require any more sympathy!

    I'm a little envious, though, as when I had my toe nail removed I couldn't wear shoes for over a week and was off work for a fortnight.

  2. Perhaps you had complications, Angie! I'm sure I had none.

    I'm now looking forward to my morning foot bath!



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