Sunday, 31 December 2017

Brexit is Brexit

Now here's a thought.

After the Brexit Referendum on 23rd June 2016 (yes, it was that long ago), Mrs May (our Prime Minister) was repeatedly heard to say, when asked what the result might entail,  'Brexit is Brexit'. This phrase widely baffled political commentators and many others besides. It sounded pretty definite, but at the same time obscure. Yet she said it with utter conviction. Even so, some scoffed, asserting that it meant nothing at all - that it was just a verbal device designed to give nothing away and play for time.

But, thinking about it, it did have a clear meaning. It was a phrase that surely mimicked another, one that people who came out of the closet used: 'Out is Out'. Gay people, for instance - but really anybody who at at some point makes it known that they have a surprise secret, and intend to live openly from now on, with the secret revealed to all. They've 'come out'. Metaphorically, their secret self has stepped out of the closet. And that means everybody needs to know, regardless of the consequences, so that the person coming out can move forwards in a spirit of honesty and full disclosure. There is no such thing as a 'partial coming-out', so that some people know, but others don't. Out is Out. If not 'out' across the board, in every respect, then one is still 'in'.

Now I don't know if such thinking occurred to Mrs May personally. But I suspect that someone high in her circle of advisors was aware of the phrase 'Out is Out' and thought it could be adapted for Brexit use. Thus 'Brexit is Brexit' was born. And it clearly means 'Britain is coming out of the EU, in every way, and being completely open about it, and in no sense will we remain in the EU'.

Well, that's clear then. Britain is out of the closet, has unequivocally resigned from the EU Club, and has handed in her membership card. The resignation has been received coldly, but nevertheless accepted. We are out. Brexit is Brexit. If I were running a business in the UK, I would now make plans on the basis that the country will stand in 'splendid isolation' from the rest of Europe. (Lord Adonis' parting words, not mine)

As if we were an island, by Jove.   


  1. No sorry but this will not do. The Government has admitted the research has not been done on the implications of Brexit. The public were lied to, the £350 million for the NHS whats happened to that? For example we are going to leave Euroatom now. Never heard of it? It sounds boring and technical but it will impact significantly on importing radioactive isotopes for medicine. Nobody mentioned that in the run up to the vote. But hey, we have had enough of experts. Its only people's lives.

  2. We got a 3 cm thick book outlining what would happen if Scotland voted to go independent from London, sorry England.

    All that there was in the lead up to EU vote was a playground squabble with some with strong views one way hiding in a corner! The Civil Service is supposed to be constantly considering possibilities and should not have needed idiot politicians to ask it to consider implications nor should it have been told not to bother!

    New politics, a vote by the people "might" be a vote by the people, but only if we decide it is and can be arsed to implement it...


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