Thursday, 10 November 2016

Shopping list malfunction

Oops! This wasn't meant to happen. I had two bananas on hand, and needed more - enough to last four days. And I got rather carried away at Waitrose. I have ended up with sixteen bananas, all to be eaten over the next four days. Otherwise they will get over-ripe, and (to me) uneatable.

I might do it. But if I eat every single one, I shall be utterly sick of bananas - and a useful SW-friendly food will be off the menu for a while. Silly me!

I was in danger of making the same mistake with cold chicken, also SW-friendly. But controlled myself in time.

I dare say I'm not alone. How many people have found themselves with (for instance) a ridiculous amount of fat-free yoghurt in their fridge, or enough bags of lentils to sink the Titanic? I'm sure it happens. And it so goes against the grain to chuck food away because it's date-expired, or 'gone off', or just too boring to consume.

Well, here am I with bananas taking over the kitchen. It's Banana City.

Let's hope there's no highly-deadly black tarantula in there...


  1. Do you like banana bread or muffins? I throw my ripe bananas (still in the skin) into the freezer and use for baking.

  2. I'm afraid I don't do any home-baking. I never was much of a cake eater, and they are off the menu entirely just now!


  3. Freezer was going to be my suggestion.

    Slow some down in the fridge though it only looks like two portions to me...

    You can work out why I do not buy bananas very often.


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