Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sleepy-eyed on a sunny quayside seat

Wow, it's been quite a time since my last post! It's not that I've died or anything. It's just being on holiday - nearly everything I want to write about needs illustration with photographs, and I can't publish posts like that from a farmer's field. It requires home Wi-Fi.

Another thing is spare time, and with so many events to attend at the Appledore Book Festival, plus local friends to see, and a daily mountain of shots to process, posting time is in short supply. I haven't often gone to bed before midnight. It's lovely not to have a dull moment, even on rainy days, but it's a bit tiring all the same. In three days' time I move on from North Devon to South East Devon, and will (as a complete contrast) have a week without a single commitment. I can drift and laze as I please. I dare say I will need it. As soon as I'm home again, there will be a flurry of things to get on with, starting with a three-day onslaught in the garden, enough work to fill a skip.

But for the moment, it's feet up on a seat in strong, almost burning sunshine, here on Appledore Quay. I'm looking straight across to Instow, green and white under a brilliant blue sky and motionless fluffy white clouds. It's low tide, slack tide even, and all the golden sands are on display, with dozens of little boats high and dry on them. Gulls are scattered about on the sand too, but they seem to be taking a nap. It's tempting to do the same, but in a short while I must get up and walk to the church, where Ann Widdecombe is going to talk and entertain, the last ABF event.

You know, I'd almost rather doze off here, on this seat with such a wonderful view. But I'm meeting friends, and must be off.

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