Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hit by a cold

I'm just emerging from a cold that arrived a week ago with a sore throat, and which gave me a hard time for some days, but has now clearly given up. I've bucked up nicely in the last twenty-four hours. Usually a cold leaves me with a residue of catarrh and three weeks of constant coughing, but it seems not this time.

Good riddance! Tomorrow I am towing my caravan to North Devon, which is 232 miles by my usual best route, and I need to be fully up to it. Allowing for stops, it always takes me seven hours. I shall probably do it in four sixty-mile sections, so that I don't get tired. For I am still regarding myself as convalescent until the end of the week.

The cold has made me feel weak, and has drained me of energy. So much so, that the daily walk had to be abandoned, and the minimal gardening I had promised myself had to be set aside as beyond my powers. All this feebleness is disconcerting. Ordinary colds didn't knock me flat like this ten years ago. I suppose increasing age inevitably makes one less resilient. You may look pretty good, but the metal isn't there inside. It's hard to accept, but there it is.

Well, the stimulus of setting forth on the road, the change of scene, the change of air, seeing all those beautiful West Country places again, and meeting-up with people who are looking forward to seeing me (we've been texting) - all of these will speed my recovery. Indeed, I'm still intending to drive down to Padstow for lunch on the 22nd September, which is just two days away, and visit some local bays while down there. A full revival will be required for that, but I have high hopes!

While the cold was going on, the creative juices dried up. I just couldn't put a blog post together. Normally I am eager to fire up Verity (my still-new laptop) and bung a piece out. But the brain was sluggish, and it was no good.

At least loading up the caravan has gone according to plan. I'm constantly refining my Preparation List, including the best order in which to load things up, and the best timing for what needs to be done. This is a longish trip of very nearly three weeks, so good organisation is essential. And without a proper plan, it wouldn't have been at all easy to accomplish some preliminary jobs two or three days back, when it was hard to think.

The Autumn Equinox is almost here. Summer is almost over. I went outside to check car and caravan before locking up tonight, and both were well-covered with moisture. The front and back lawns will be a sea of dew tomorrow morning. That's one reason why you absolutely must take wellies when pitched on grass, and keep them handy in the caravan: the copious morning dew will drench ordinary shoes beyond redemption. And you will need to venture outside before mid-morning - there is always something to fetch. But how invigorating that early-morning fresh air is! Just what I need.


  1. It has been years since my last cold and like many round here it hit me hard. I did get the weeks of coughing and it finally took a course of antibiotics to clear that up. It certainly drained me and had me wandering in a daze for days... Wondered if you had been ill with such a break in posting, good luck with the research for the next posts which I am looking forward to.

  2. Bonnes vacances! I'm glad to hear that the worst of your cold is past. Please give my love to Cornwall, and especially to a certain little pink cottage on the A39. x

  3. Thanks, both!

    Angie, you're right. It's time to revisit that little cottage!



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