Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A new bra

I was in Worthing a couple of days ago, chiefly to buy more cotton fabric and thread from The Fabric Shop at the north end of Chapel Road.

After getting what I wanted, I walked down to Beales department store, and decided to see what they had in the way of bras. I'm always trying to find a bra that fits me properly. My bust has grown steadily over the last half-dozen years, just like the rest of me! I'd long had to abandon the wired 36AA and 38A bras I bought back in 2009, and since 2014 I'd been using an unwired 40A Triumph bra. But even that hadn't been especially good to wear.

The lady assistant offered to size me up. The last occasion I'd asked for this was in August 2009. It was high time for another proper fitting. Into the cubicle we went. She told me (and it wasn't done disdainfully) that the 40A Triumph bra I had on just wasn't giving me enough support. I was sagging. I'd let the straps out as far as they would go, to keep things comfortable - sort of - but this was apparently a big mistake!

However, we began with another 40A bra, but this time properly adjusted. It was made by Playtex in a pretty lace style that I'd never worn before, having hitherto favoured plain satin designs. I was quite impressed that Beales actually stocked bras in the more unusual sizes - clearly a good place to go.

She ruthlessly shortened the straps on the new bra, explaining that this would raise the height of the cups and lift my boobs up. So it did. It felt though as if I was wearing a very tight, unyielding harness - it was so different from the loose Triumph bra. But the boobs certainly looked perky, and it clearly did wonders for my posture!

She decided that a larger cup size would be an improvement, and came back with a 40C in the same Playtex style. This one looked (and felt) even better. I bought it. It was £24, which I thought reasonable. (I'd been imagining that I'd have to go up to London and get something four times that price)

Here I am, back home. First, wearing the old 40A Triumph bra:

Now the new 40C Playtex bra:

Definitely flying higher! Here's a more general view of the Melford torso, sporting the new bra in all its glory:

I should perhaps explain that my right boob (my left, in the mirror) is slightly smaller than the left one, and so there is less flesh to fill the cup. Proof positive that I haven't resorted to implants! Kindly ignore the bulging waistline. I'm trying hard to improve it, but it takes time. It is, anyway, an attractive-looking bra, to my eye at least.

I haven't discarded the old Triumph bra. Today I shortened the straps to give me the same kind of uplift, and - hey presto!- it worked. As nice, now, to wear as the new bra, with the same general effect on my appearance. And posture.

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  1. No matter where I look, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, there are reminders of the relentless nature of the aging process. If I had any significant breast tissue with which to contend, it would long ago started its trip south. However, I don't need to look at my chest to discover evidence that I am getting long in the tooth; it's everywhere. Unfortunately, there isn't a new item of apparel or a strap adjustment that will mitigate the harsh reality.


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