Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Making a cradle

Not for a baby! For my new camera, an open container to stop it sliding around my handbag, and to protect the camera from most kinds of accidental knock. It had to be lightweight, padded, and fit around the camera closely enough to hold it securely - but not so closely that it would impede dropping the camera into it, or taking the camera out in an instant if a shot came up. The cradle would rest in whichever bag I happened to be using, in one of the compartments. You've guessed it, all my handbags are really camera bags in disguise!

Oh, one other thing: I didn't want to spend money on this. So - first question - did I already have something suitable that was either ready-made for the job, or could be adapted and recycled for my purpose?

Well, a rummage in the attic brought forth an old, but almost unused, small Lowepro camera bag:

That would do. It was padded and fairly stiff-sided. I snipped off unwanted metal and fabric bits, and cut away the side that had the Lowepro logo on it. This left me with an open-topped black fabric box to place the camera into.

It does look like a cradle, doesn't it? You can imagine it with a little pillow and some little blankets!

It did the trick, though. I popped it into my red Karen Millen bag. Then dropped the camera into it. Perfect. And opening the bag and extracting the camera went smoothly as well. No pictures of the camera in-bag, of course! I don't want to give positional information away to bag thieves, nor reveal what else lives in the same compartment as the camera.

This was a bit rough-and-ready as a solution. Almost a bodge. I could have trimmed the excess fabric off with greater neatness. But I don't think I'll fuss over the thing. It does the job as well as hoped, and doesn't look too bad. Nor is anyone going to be examining it, unless I take it out of the depths of whatever bag I am using and show them.

I know, the camera could fall out of its protective cradle if the bag upturns. But I can't see how that might happen in the ordinary way, especially if carrying or wearing the bag normally. And I don't plan to be sky-diving.

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