Thursday, 19 March 2015

Eight days battery life!

I'm loving Flight Mode. Look at these phone screenshots from this morning:

I charged up Demelza to a full 100% at 11.00pm last night, just before going to bed, and, after checking for unread messages and doing a few other things with her, I popped her into Flight Mode around 11.15pm, when the charge stood at 96%. While I slept, so did Demelza.

Next morning, this morning, at 7.50am - over eight hours later - she had used up only a tiny amount of power, the charge now standing at 95%. Only 1% in eight hours! And the display was telling me that she would have survived another eight days of similar idleness!

I think that's impressive.

And although I've been using my phone normally since 7.50am, the charge is still standing at 79%. That's only 16% used up in the last fourteen hours - in its way, even more amazing. It's as if giving Demelza a complete rest at night has made her battery hang onto its charge better during the day, despite having some work to do.

Odd that, because - of course - mobile phones are not like people. They don't need sleep. They are tireless machines, needing only an infusion of electrical energy as required. Given that, a flat-out performance can be sustained indefinitely. Phones cope. They go on and on, month after month, subject only to attaching that charging cable whenever necessary. They don't flag, nor plead for a break. They should never need - nor derive any benefit from - a few hours' shut-eye.

Or is Demelza (and phones like her) a subtler device than one would think?

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  1. Luckily for our sanity, we have four of these charger's set up on the battery wall/cabinet/buffet/station thingy. extend battery life


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