Saturday, 21 February 2015

From cooling down to hotting up

It's actually been a long while since I published anything at all on Cowper's Gland (aka the Bulbourethral Gland). A quick search reveals just the one post that mentions it, dated 20 October 2011, and titled Glandular overflow. I was writing about the then-mysterious leakage of a clear somewhat sticky fluid emanating from my own parts in the course of a sexy dream. It wasn't at all like a man's semen. I described it as runny KY gel in my 2011 post. But nowadays I'd liken it to Johnson's Baby Oil, which I use twice-weekly to get rid of the skin-mark left after removing a hormone patch.

Back in 2011, when in search of information on this intriguing phenomenon, the relevant Wikipedia articles were useful, but not then totally conclusive as to the source of this fluid, nor why it should flow in such abundance that my entire vaginal cleft was well and truly lubricated. But since then these articles seem to have been rewritten and improved, or else my understanding is greater. The ones I'll particularly mention are these:

On the various reproductive system correspondences between male-type and female-type bodies:

On Cowper's Gland and its female-body equivalent:

On the primary male and female sources of fluid during sexual events:

As you can see, Cowper's Gland seems to be the culprit in the case of unwanted male 'premature ejacultion', which used to embarrassingly frustrate a nervous man's full pleasure in bed. (Do modern men suffer still?) And Skene's Gland seems to be the source of the fluid that certain women might leak (or indeed spray, or even jet) when highly aroused, which sometimes used to be mistaken for urine. (You do wonder how the medical researchers get to check that all this is so, and observe it happening!)

Anyway, back to myself. My in utero incept date was around 6 October 1951, which was the date on which Stalin announced that the USSR had an atom bomb and had caught up with the USA. After a series of nuclear tests, spread over several years, the USSR must have significantly increased the background radiation throughout the Northern Hemisphere. And especially in Europe, if the wind were blowing the right way. I claim nothing specific from this, but I was a little overdue when born in the following July, and (considering the eventual outcome) may already have been genetically modified!

Certainly, there was this unearthly pink glow, and my christening was delayed until September - by which time I had cooled down to a normal black and white, and could even be handled:

It's freaky, but I naturally have a Cowper's Gland. It seems to have been inactive all my life until 2011, when its dormancy ended, and it sprang into occasional action. What I'd like to know now is this: can it be made to function reliably and predictably, by applying a definite stimulus for a definite length of time? In other words, is it controllable, so that if I want to, I can produce my own natural vaginal lubricant at will? This would be highly convenient. It would save the present bother of having to carry lubrication around in my bag 'just in case'. (At my age, of course, one is dry down there, no matter what the stimulus) It would also be a jolly amazing party trick. Or as something I could do, if stuck talking to a bore, or when passing time on a long train journey. The possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately I have insufficient data to determine what the correct stimulus and duration might be. In nearly every instance since 2011, fluid leakage from my Cowper's Gland has occurred when waking from sleep, and it's essentially all over by the time I'm aware of what has just taken place. All I can say is that the stimulus was in a sexy dream, though rarely remembered in detail. I have yet to discover what type of real-life analogue might produce the same result. So far as I can tell, it must involve another person, but in what optimum situation it is impossible to say. I know these things are not optimum situations:

# Discussing the merits of Facebook.
# Discussing the merits of iPhones versus Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
# Drinking Tomato Juice and Worcester Sauce, even with ice and a slice of lemon in it.
# Listening to Money Box on BBC Radio 4 on Saturdays.

I'd most definitely suppose that 'getting over a cold' wasn't a situation likely to stimulate one's Cowper's Gland, but then I'd be wrong, because I woke up this morning in exactly that state - and yet with the memory of another intimate bedroom scene in my mind, and a wet feeling amidships. I mopped up in the bathroom, while coughing my head off. It seemed a curious coupling of events: genital fluid overflow simultaneous with an irritating cough that was lingering on beyond its sell-by date.

This kind of synchrony diminishes a girl's excuses. I mean, if a cold and cough won't prevent involuntary body-responses, how can she plead that a mere headache will?


  1. Orgasm is the way to get this gland to work when you wish it to. It's role is to lubricate the urethra in preparation for ejaculation. Sometimes this fluid is excreted pre-orgasm but you need to be working towards that for it to happen. Obviously this is born out by those sexy dreams :)

    Pre-op, I found that because I suppressed my testosterone with oestrogen alone, what I had could still be used. There was no ejaculate but 10 minutes after orgasm (and that was very much different on oestrogen!) I found a small amount of clearish fluid coming from the end. This is when I researched (as I do) and found the cowper's gland as the most likely cause.

    I am very intrigued as to whether I get any amount of this post-op. For some reason, I have a very strong desire in this department and it isn't quite 6 weeks since surgery! It is common sense and soreness currently stopping me! I must wait for my post-op check first...

    Lucy x

  2. Good luck on finding out! It did take several months for me to 'switch on' after the op. Some don't require as long, and some need longer. It seems to be a very individual thing. One bit of advice I heard was that orgasms - presumably with fluid from Cowper's Gland also - come sooner if you 'practice' as much as you can. I didn't, and that's probably why this remains just an occasional nighttime experience.



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