Thursday, 8 January 2015

Personal priorities in 2015; and what I don't want

You might cynically call these my bound-to-fail 'New Year Resolutions', but actually they are things I really do plan to bring about in 2015. But I will divide them into the 'definitely achievable' and the 'not-so-easy'.

The 'definitely achievable' ones are these:
# Upping my savings.
# More holidays.
# More clothes and shoes.
# One major equipment purchase, if hardware failure makes it necessary.

A simple, steady accumulation of cash will enable all the above.

The 'not-so-easy' ones are:
# Actually losing weight, and not just maintaining a steady weight. Say 5 to 10 kilos, permanently.
# Getting my entire back garden into an impressive state. Not just keeping the lawn and the hedge trimmed.

When you like your food, and want to be out and about rather than slaving in a flowerbed, it's hard to be a keen gardener with a flat tummy. But I'll give it a determined go this year.

Many of my friends would concentrate on something I haven't even mentioned - finding someone special, or, if they have managed this already, then to take their relationship another stage further. But that's not for me. In fact I'm rather hoping that the spate of approaches made to me during 2014 (all of them from men) isn't going to get repeated in 2015. I don't want the attention. It's inhibiting. It could make doing anything on my own quite difficult. I want to do as I please, go where I please, and at any reasonable time - without feeling that some man is going to come up to me with a proposition.

I caught the eye of a curious range of geezers in 2014. Several encounters come to mind, as described in these posts:

1 June 2014 - The new barmaid (Several helpful middle-aged men in summer shorts)
18 June 2014 - Lloyd George could be my secret weapon! (Charming but very insistent older man)
18 July 2014 - Dealing with my first request for sex... (Drunken twenty-something idiot)
12 November 2014 - Sex in public places; and now two offers from men in one week (Businessman in pub; chatty builder at my front door)
15 November 2014 - The Third Man (Man in pub following me out to the car park)

And there was yet another chap, who didn't feature in a blog post. I thought him too nice to have star treatment like that. He was at Penrhyn Castle, near Bangor, last June. He instigated a very long chat, when I was actually anxious to see the castle before it closed for the day.
Most episodes involved men who were middle-aged or older. And despite my plain face, I'm pretty sure that all these contacts were straight and entirely on the level, these men finding something in my appearance, personality, or apparent situation to warrant an approach, to justify making some effort and contrive some conversation. Maybe my normal air of self-confident independence was a challenge to them. Maybe it was simply my lack of cellulite and any seriously sagging flesh. No bingo wings, for instance!

And let's face it, so far as an older man is concerned, any unattached old girl who gets out and about, and seems lively, is definitely worth chatting up. At the minimum, she'll have spare cash and spare time. I certainly come into that category!

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