Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Alice is featured on the Heroines blog

Returning from Prague, where she had been filming, my friend Alice mentioned that she had been interviewed (presumably on Skype) for the Heroines of My Life blog - which is now in my own blog list (see the left edge of this page). The interview is dated 2 November 2014. The lady who runs the blog seems very busy indeed with her interviewing, and Alice is already moving down the long list of inspiring persons, so you'll need to scroll a bit! Or here is the direct link:

Alice gives the Brighton viewpoint, yes, but it's also a very personal take on what it means to be trans. I'd best attempt to say no more, and just let her speak for herself.

You know, I can't understand why I haven't popped Heroines into my blog list before. Nowadays I like to read about those poised to make a decisive leap into full transition, or, if they can't progress, how they are coping. And naturally I like to read about those who have done it, and how life has turned out for them.

A little while back the usual thing was for full transitioners to scuttle into deep cover shortly after surgery, and not be heard of again. Now I think the prevailing mood is changing, and many realise that they can live a normal life and do their bit for getting public acceptance for trans persons. Individuals need not do much themselves - but a little here, a little there, in the same general direction...

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