Thursday, 30 October 2014

...but at least the Wi-Fi is good

The Broadway site finally fell silent around midnight last night, and in fact I slept soundly till six o'clock, when the early commuter traffic began. Traffic noise carries a long way, and unfortunately I've chosen a pitch that's too close to the local main road. Not that I had a lot of choice, the site being so full up. There were pitches at some distance from the road, but I was warned at reception that they were noisy because of nearby footpath works involving earth-moving machinery. You can't win.

At least the site Wi-Fi is very good indeed. It isn't cheap. But after an evening struggling to get a post out using a 2G signal that came and went, I bit the bullet and bought a 168 hour package for a cool £10. That's more hours than I can use while here, but it will make posting easy, and the Wi-Fi signal might well be good enough for catch-up TV on the BBC iPlayer. If the weather is against taking many photos, and therefore against filling my evenings with photo-editing on the laptop, then a little TV will be useful. It's a 'one-device only' deal though. That may mean watching on my phone screen, albeit with headphones and stereo sound. Maybe it means I can use either my tablet or my phone, but not both at the same time. We shall see.

Do I hear mumblings that after-dark screen entertainment detracts from the proper spirit of a caravan holiday? I beg to differ. On long late-autumn nights, when it's damp outside, you may need more than a good book. Besides, I want the Internet for looking up what will be open next day, and whether I can get a midday meal there. Tourist places in the Worcestershire countryside are starting to close for the winter. To save a wasted journey, you need to check beforehand.

Ah, what's this? It's grown brighter. While there ought to be no rain today, the local forecast is for dull cloud and no sunshine, and therefore there'll be no chance of taking gorgeous pictures of yellow, red and orange leaves. So I might instead drive into Evesham, and then on to Worcester, neither visited since 2003, and see what the towns have to offer.

Yep, the tablet can be used instead of the phone. So TV tonight, if the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. The Caravan Club has been uprating its Wi-Fi during 2014, and this is clearly one of the sites that have benefitted. And maybe my close-to-the-main-road pitch is also close-to-the-Wi-Fi-mast? All to no avail if the other caravanners (or their horrible children) also log in and dilute the signal.

On my troth, a patch of blue sky hath appeared. Wherefore hath this come? A horse! A horse! I must to Worcester! (I'm pretty well in Shakespeare Country, and it's easy to lapse into such talk. Sorry)

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