Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunshine and twinges

Well, what a lovely drive down to Lyme Regis! Incredibly sunny and warm all the way - that's five hours of travelling - unheard of for the 22nd September, which is a bit late in the English Year for sustained good weather.

I pitched at Curlew Farm in the late afternoon, and by six o'clock my evening meal was fully defrosted and ready for heating up in a pan, with fresh sprouts in another. This was half of a delicious casserole I'd made four weeks previously, with this first night of my holiday actually in mind. It turned out to be way too much to eat. But the challenge was on the table, and I ate it all - a small mountain of chorizo sausage, red pepper, onions, carrots, parsnips and potato, with the sprouts for extra company. I skipped the usual apple to follow - there was just no room left inside. It was tasty and hot and very nourishing, but I was seriously bloated.

So I fired up Fiona, and we went into Lyme for a long evening walk. My favourite route is to park above the cinema, then stroll down to The Cobb through the gardens. Then, having shot the sunset and the boats, back along the sea front to the town centre, then up to Fiona again, on the way calling in at the Royal Lion Hotel for a glass of wine - which I am enjoying as I write this.

One of the films on at the cinema had caught my eye. It was called Lucy and a quick look on the Internet while I stood outside revealed that it was about a girl who involuntarily absorbs a drug that makes her hyper-intelligent with tele-kinetic powers. Not a bit like me, and it didn't sound my sort of film, so I wasn't tempted to give it a go. I thought the money would be better-spent on refreshments at the Hotel.

I woke up this morning with something that may spoil my holiday: twinges from my teeth. I think my recent cold has affected my sinuses, and this has in consequence made my teeth very sensitive. While driving along this afternoon, I could feel these twinges 'move' progressively along my upper row of teeth. I hope this quietens down. I am presently 160 miles away from my dentist, and by the end of the week (when I move on to North Devon) I will be some 250 miles away - and a fixture there for ten nights. It will be awkward if my teeth play up.

Tomorrow promises to be another very sunny day. I will find a beach, I think. It may be the only day for sandals in the entire holiday!

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