Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Teaser Wedding Report

The wedding yesterday was a great success, and I feel so happy for my nephew and his bride.

I think they must have had total control over the arrangements: I detected no awkward compromises. Of course, it had all been done on a budget, but the effect was subtly that of a more expensive occasion: certainly they achieved the happy and celebratory atmosphere one wants - something that money can't necessarily buy. I really don't know why it is considered essential by some for thousands of pounds to be spent on getting married. The main things surely are to mark the public commitment of two loving people to each other, a signal to the world that they are in it for the long haul; and to make it a day to recall with pleasure, when nothing goes wrong; when sweet words are said with total sincerity; and with all the closest people in one's life present as witnesses. In my opinion, this was such a day.

The guest list was small: twenty or so, just near family and the friends of the bride and groom, and including three babies and two very young and active little girls. Nobody seemed out of place, as if invited because they could not be left out, as opposed to being really wanted. Full marks to the officiating staff at Richmond Register Office: the wedding ceremony could not have been friendlier and less rushed. The pub staff at the Cabbage Patch at Twickenham were also welcoming, and extremely obliging; the food was excellent.

About the only 'guest' who didn't behave was the weather. I drove through heavy rain on the way up to Richmond, and it spat threateningly during the ceremony. The garden photo-shoot was largely done under umbrellas. It didn't matter.

I now have 166 wedding photos (that I took) to process. I'm taking them away on holiday, but I very much doubt whether I'll have the time to deal with them all before I get back, considering that I may be shooting an average of 100 pictures a day while away, and those will need priority treatment, just to stay on top of the processing task. Mind, you it's odds on that I'll see many rainy days in North Wales, and so something might be done with those wedding shots when I'm a fixture in the caravan, heating on, steaming cup of tea at hand, and a couple of unforeseen hours to do something productive with. We'll see. I have of course left a backup of those 166 shots on my PC at home.

For now, here are one or two teaser shots, mainly of me, so that you can judge whether I looked the part of a well-turned-out aunt.

No more now: I must get on with my holiday departure preparations!

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