Saturday, 12 April 2014

Steel lady talks tough and negotiates a fresh contract

The phone saga continues. (I suppose there must be a few souls out there who care!)

You already know about the gross microSIM cock-up. Maybe that vital component will be in my hands late this morning (Saturday), and maybe it won't. No man can say. If it arrives on Monday, or even Tuesday, I'll be sulking like a spoiled brat. I wanted to have my new phone up and running by teatime yesterday. I can justly play the role of disgruntled customer. I can't do anger, it's not in me, but I can pout down the phone if I need to.

Now, to cap even the microSIM mess, I looked at Vodafone's website this morning - sort of idly, if you see what I mean - then choked on my metaphoric cornflakes when I saw that overnight the Internet data usage allowance on 'my' deal had doubled from 1GB to 2GB! It looked like a cynical act - to give pre-launch customers, and particularly loyal customers, a paltry 1GB for the 'privilege' of receiving their new S5 on Launch Day. And then post-launch, up that allowance to hook in the rest.

This was like being slapped in the face twice with a cold wet fish (a haddock, no doubt). I wasn't having it. Did they think I was a compliant wimpy wobbly woman, to walk over at will? Pah.

I rang Vodafone and - nicely of course, but with threat of pulling out of the deal hovering - I laid it on about the missing microSIM card and how that had ruined my entire life; and now about the overnight change of Internet allowance that had kicked me when I was down, and had practically killed me off, quite apart from metaphoric cornflakes sprayed everywhere. I was a bleeding corpse. I thought a little give-and-take was required, a little compensation for my barely-averted demise. (I exaggerate of course: I would merely have slashed my wrists a bit)

The steely stand worked. The nice man I spoke with recognised my earnestness, that I meant it, and amended my contract to give me 2GB of Internet instead of only 1GB. Result!

Girls, stand up for what you believe is right. You'll inherit the earth.


  1. I think that there is more chance of winning the lottery without buying a ticket than getting an honest and best possible deal from any business in this grasping world of infinite choice but changing every millisecond...

    I have inherited the earth, week traded online for ingarden...

  2. It's a bloody shame

    Shirley Anne x


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