Saturday, 12 April 2014

Demelza's postponed wedding can now go ahead - tomorrow

The missing microSIM card arrived at 1.00pm. So I'm ready to pop it inside Demelza and flip the switch.

Except that I must go off to Bexley in Kent in the next 15 minutes, and won't be home again till 11.00pm. I know from experience that one needs a clear head and plenty of time to boot up and set up a new device. So Demelza's awakening must await the cock's crow tomorrow.

Only a day more, m'dear. Then you can step out.


  1. I mean it's a bloody shame that a grown woman acts like a spoiled child................Gosh Lucy there must be far more important things to concern yourself with. And yes, do drive carefully. NO SPEEDING. .....LOL
    Shirley Anne x

  2. Oh, Shirley Anne you're scolding me yet again. Can't you recognise humorous writing? It's only a phone.

    Mind you, that sneaky meddling with the Internet usage allowance was pretty dodgy, and I think I was justified making a fuss.


    1. Well Lucy, you did say that you hadn't got a sense of humour therefore I must take what you write as being without it,,,,,,,,,,,,,Did you finally get it all to work?

      Shirley Anne x

  3. Did I get my new phone to work? Well, mostly. The data on one or two apps still needs to be put in manually - the backups didn't work - but most things are now up and running. Vodafone should get the telephony, texts and Mobile Internet transferred from my old SITE card to the new one overnight.

    Cue for bed.



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