Sunday, 22 December 2013

Matilda sends me Christmas Greetings

Fourteen-week-old baby Matilda has sent greetings to her Great Aunt!

How sweet! And such well-formed handwriting - remarkable for one so young! Clearly she will go far.

The Christmas Feeling is with me this year. I've decided not to descend into cynicism, however fashionable. So no Bah, humbug! No wearing the green willow. I'm going to enjoy it, wallow in it. After all, I may only have twenty or thirty Christmases left to celebrate, and I'd best make the most of them!

So let's be hearty, and tuck into goose and turkey roasts, and all the fixings! And pull crackers, even if they don't go BANG!!! as expected, but simply scatter daft plastic gifts, and jokes that make you cringe. And let's wear silly paper hats that slip down onto your nose. And laugh till we hiccup. Or cry. Funny how laughter makes the eyes brim, as you remember the Other Things that are so sad. Then, if partying, you have to lock yourself in the loo and howl. Even me, sometimes. But then you rejoin the throng, as if nothing happened.

Amid all the carousing, however, my real personality will assert itself and I'll drive off on my own to some beach, or some peaceful woodland, or to a quiet ancient town - or just drive - reflecting on the chance events of my life that, for better or worse, brought me to this point. And since I believe that this is my real moment, the truest time of my life - and to be frank the most rewarding bit of it that I've ever known - I have to salute whatever and whoever got me here.

The far future however lies with babies like Matilda. Does she have a fighting chance? Of course she has. So long as she believes in happiness, and never gives up. I'm looking forward to seeing her turn into a lively and beautiful little girl.

(The green willow reference, not specifically a Christmas thing, comes from Steeleye Span's 1975 hit, All Around My Hat, which some may remember. Good stuff.)


  1. Twenty or thirty years perhaps? Well I hope you do have that time left Lucy but you know it could be as soon as tomorrow, nobody knows. Enjoy your life in the way that makes you happy. Matilda is very cute and I hope she gows up knowing God for then she will have a future.
    By the way I remember that song too, it was a favourite of mine at the time. I believe the green willow is used as a symbol like the yellow ribbon is in some places.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. A woman soon to be 106 was chatting away being interviewed on the radio today, she said that she did not feel old!

    Lucy, I know what it feels like to laugh until it hurts, I started before you card was even a third of the way out of the envelope, both beautiful and witty. I vote it one of, if not the best, I have ever received. May all your christmas feasts be rich and satisfying but totally lacking in calories, XXX.


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