Monday, 2 December 2013

Hair up!

Yesterday evening saw me at my friend K---'s, having a late Sunday Lunch with K--- and her guests: V---, B---, and B---'s husband I---, who wasn't there intially but joined us a little later on. That's two trans women, two natal women, and a natal man. We'd all met before, and we were a good mix. On the menu: roast goose, also natal, with all the trimmings, avec two bottles of champagne, and two bottles of wine. Much later on we were joined by K---'s cat, who came in from the cold and promptly went to sleep, snoring loudly. Vintage vocals by Charles Trenet. He said his heart went Boum.

Before the goose was served, I remarked on how nice V---'s hair looked. She has long honey-coloured hair, and often gathers it into an informal swirling topknot kept in place with a couple of hairpins, wisps of hair being retained on each side of her face. She asked me if I would like her to create the same thing with my own hair. Yes please! So she had a go. My hair isn't as long as hers, and does not grow so thickly, but we got at least 80% there. I very much liked the different look it gave me. My face was still 'framed' by those wisps of hair hanging down from my temples, but my ears and the back of my neck were now exposed, and suddenly my hair had extra height and a lot more interest. It also did away with the hairband. I had previously wondered whether it was a good idea to put my thick neck and big ears on show, but V--- allayed my misgivings, reassuring me that I looked more feminine this way.

Anyway, this was the result. I kept it like this for the rest of the evening. I felt very comfortable with my hair up.

Next day - this morning - having let my hair down overnight, I decided that I would recreate what V--- had done. The essence of the thing seemed to be a casual gathering of the hair behind the front fringe, twisting it into a small pony tail tucked in on itself, and then securing that with two hairpins. Informality is very important: it must seem to be done 'blindfolded', and the result mustn't be too neat or symmetrical. I'm amazed that only two hairpins are needed to keep the style in place all day. This was what my first unaided attempt looked like:

It wasn't quite right, was it? But it was good enough for a shopping expedition, and so immediately after these shots I tested my new hairstyle out in Waitrose and Boots at Burgess Hill. Well, nobody I met or spoke to actually said gosh, what a nice new hairstyle I had! What allure! But I could sense that it was pleasing to the eye and very credible. Practice will make perfect. I'll do this every day now for a week, and by then I should have it nailed. It'll be a real gain to have two ways of wearing my hair, instead of just one!


  1. A handy technique for those hot summer days when you are cleaning out the caravan, or vacuuming Fiona and want your hair off your neck!

  2. Vanity O will look better when your hair gets longer I feel.

    Shirley Anne x


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