Monday, 25 November 2013

Lucy holds the baby

Two days ago I drove up to Roehampton in South West London to see my nephew M---, his girlfirend C---, and their baby girl of ten weeks, Matilda. It was my first meeting with this charming little person. I think she was a bit puzzled as to just who I was, but then it was also quite clear that her world was only now getting into sharper focus, and many things - in fact practically everything not within easy reach - was very, very puzzling to her! Her eyes were everywhere. But she knew who Mummy and Daddy were! And clearly she was very satisfied with the present state of affairs, and her entire life history so far. For their part, M--- and C--- were bursting with pride. Both said that having a baby, this baby, was all either of them ever really wanted. It was very evident that they were telling me the literal truth. Matilda is so precious, so loved.

I hope Matilda will bond with me a bit as time goes on. She is, of course, the first person born in our family who will know me as Lucy, and as nobody else. That's a reason, though not the only one by any means, why she's extra special to me.

Enough words. Let's get to the pictures! First, proud Mummy with the star of the show, then Mummy and Daddy:

And then that pesky Auntie Lucy gets in on the action:

Three generations there! M--- is of course my late brother's son. He resembles my late brother very strongly. There are thirty years between M--- and me, thirty years between himself and his baby daughter. For some reason, I seem to have the biggest nose. It didn't stop me holding the baby.

You won't have seen me doing this before! Matilda was very well behaved. I think you can see how I felt from the pictures.

Well, that's enough of my face. Shall we see some more of the baby? Oh yes, let's.

As I said, just ten weeks old. Her whole life ahead.


  1. She really is cute isn't she? It looks so natural for you to be holding her, you fit the part so well Lucy. I hope she does bond with you as she grows. I wish I could post pictures of my granddaughter (who will know me as her auntie Shirley) who will be two on New Year's eve but my son and his wife won't allow any pictures to be put on the Internet. That is why I haven't posted any. Her name is Isabella and she has been having a little trouble bonding with me because we hardly see each other. That is such a shame as we live close by. Children eh?

    Shirley Anne x

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you have to live with such restrictions, Shirley Anne. Once the first years are over, the opportunity to establish a really close bond diminish, although one would never say it's impossible when children are older, or adoption or fostering would never succeed.

    C--- is on a year's maternity leave from her teacher job, and that creates a convenient interlude. Taking advantage of it, M--- and C--- have decided that they will radically change their wedding plans, bringing the date forward to next May! So I get the chance to experience a family wedding sooner than I expected. Watch this space.


  3. Lovely photos of a lovely niece and a proud auntie. Wishing you many years of happiness with Matilda, and with her mum and dad.

    Angie x
    Congratulations, Lucy. The way you're holding her and smiling, I reckon you'll be the perfect aunt.

    Sue xx

  4. Thanks, both! I will certainly try to be a very nice Great Aunt indeed. It was very pleasant to hold the baby.



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