Friday, 4 October 2013

Careful clothes buyer!

Part of the fun while on holiday is to go round the shops, especially clothes shops, and see what they've got, and maybe buy a few things! It's even nicer when you see clothes in a department store sale, or something used but still attractive in a charity shop. I say: provided the garment is suitable, fits, looks new, and the price is right, then it doesn't matter where you pick it up. Charity shop or posh shop - it doesn't matter. And I was lucky enough to find several things like that while away. All of them while in Devon, as it happens. Clearly Devon is a good county to look around in! Lucky locals.

First up is this green embroidered top that I picked up in a Bideford charity shop:

Sorry about the toilets in the background! I was modelling it in the ladies' loo at the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple. It cost me £2.95. I was pretty sure the top had never been worn before. I love the scooped neckline: I like showing plenty of chest.

Next in the bag was a classic little black dress in a sale at Banbury's department store in Barnstaple, which was marked down to an unbelievable £8.00. It had got a little creased on the hanger, but that's now sorted. Perfect for a classy evening out somewhere this winter! Then in Ilfracombe I found a sleeveless black top that set me back a purse-busting £0.75. I'm afraid there are no pictures of these things being worn just yet.

Let me see, a total of £11.70 spent thus far. For three things I'll actually wear. You can hardly say I'm extravagant. But then I go and spend real money on two brand-new items! The first was this dark green top - with a scooped neckline - from Fat Face in Sidmouth:

That's me trying it on before purchase. The girl at the till not only congratulated me on my choice, as the green went so well with my hair, but joined in a serious three-way conversation about hair styles and hair coloration when a friend of hers, who was a hairdresser, looked in. A very useful information-gathering exercise, so far as I was concerned! The top was £25.00, but hey, it was this autumn's stock, and I did love the deep green colour.

Then, a few days later, I bought the black jacket by Tigi mentioned in my recent post Andrea and Lorraine. It was at the Trinity House department store in Axminster, and this is the jacket that Lorraine helped me to size correctly. (I do wish I lived in Axminster, and could meet up with her again. We could hop on the train to Exeter together, and tour the shops there. That would be fun) Anyway, here is the said jacket, (a) hung up in my caravan, and (b) being worn by me in the ladies' loo at the Russell-Cotes Museum and Art Gallery in Bournemouth:

This is most certainly a jacket that is best worn with the collar up, as in these shots:

Well, you can't see the collar all that clearly, but take it from me collar-up does work best, and keeps your neck cosy too. This is a great jacket to ward off chill breezes with. The cost? It was £50.00. But the jacket hangs well on me, and looks as if I might have paid double that. That was the general verdict when I was having my hair done at Trevor Sorbie in Brighton this morning. In fact I could have bought two such jackets for the price of one cut and blow-dry, plus product!

Let me see...£86.70 for all five garments. Come on - that's not too bad!


  1. Charity shops...or "thrifting" as they say over here is a great source of clothes bargains. It is also an opportunity to try things that you might not buy normally as they are so cheap.

    I have found numerous great deals and put together many outfits from thrift stores.....picked up a super fur coat for this winter for only $15.

  2. I get hand me downs, even cheaper... Not proud...

  3. Oh you are so extravagant Lucy! At least you got what you wanted at a very reasonable cost.
    Shirley Anne x


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