Monday, 21 October 2013

300,000 and counting

Of course I can't resist popping champagne corks and setting off fireworks - the pageview total has now exceeded 300,000. 160,000 of that in the last twelve months. Yippee!

It's small beer compared to the millions of hits some websites get every week (or even every day), but not bad for a strictly amateur personal blog, written by an obscure trans woman who is not even young and beautiful. So a big thank you to all who have been visiting my little corner of the Internet since February 2009!

I tend to regard the pageview total as the proper measure of how much interest a blog really attracts. As opposed to other measures, such as the number of followers, or the number of comments. The ups and downs of the pageview total constitute the best feedback I can get. It's still very hard to decide exactly what the general public actually wants to read, or what trans readers in particular want to see. Posts on something (or someone) in the news, or something very controversial, are clearly going to attract attention. I oblige, but it's much too easy. It's a lazy person's style of blogging. I don't want to turn myself into a mere news pundit. No, as the blurb by my picture says, this is basically my autobiography, written as I go along - Lucy's Life and Adventures, if you like - and I try to keep mainly to that. The strange thing is, this personal stuff is often very popular, and I can't quite see why. Not that I'm complaining, but I'd prefer to know what the precise appeal is, in case I ever want to carve a late career as a columnist in some magazine, online or otherwise.

Meanwhile, I feel encouraged to continue, aiming now at 400,000 and then 500,000.

One last thought. If I ever post less frequently, then the pageviews fall off. There is clearly a link between frequency of posting and how many readers will regularly take a look at your words. So, if you want to race ahead on your own pageviews, get writing!

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