Sunday, 4 August 2013

I'm allowing everyone to comment again

Here is some news if you aren't registered with any of the chief blogging websites (Google Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal,, or whatever) and would like to leave a comment on one of my posts. I've decided to relax my embargo on non-registered commentators.

That means that anyone can now freely comment, including anonymous persons.

I have beefed-up my health warning about comments though. I must make it quite clear that if someone's real-life existence is questionable, or their comment is irrelevant to the post, or is over-contentious or upsetting or downright abusive, or is advertising themselves in some way, then their contribution might get the bullet.

Free speech is a great principle, but not when it stirs up negative passions or is a mere platform for selling things. I will moderate sensibly, but always as a stern omnipotent divine being might. The excesses seen recently on Facebook and Twitter have no place here. Lucy Melford is not a war zone.

Let's see how we go. I do want to allow commentary without fierce restrictions. I do miss the wide range of comments I used to get up to the end of 2012, when I had to impose my embargo. Some were very supportive and empathetic, some were worthwhile and interesting, some were amusing, and some verged on rather cross argument but deserved to be left there for everyone else to judge. Provocative comments might now get a terser comeback from me than hitherto, but I don't really want to be draconian as a moderator. After all, if one throttles back too much on letting people speak their mind, one learns nothing new.

The new relaxation is in force as of now.

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