Friday, 7 June 2013

Social skills

I almost decided to give up on that CDWM application. Then I thought of a jolly good theme, based on the fact that that I'm Welsh, and two fab menus to go with that. Also some between-course entertainment that I can do personally. So I may yet put myself up for ridicule on national TV!

Meanwhile, I've been taking stock of my social skills. They are meagre, I'm afraid, but so far as playing the hostess goes, they may be adequate; and I can, as a guest, shovel in food and drink, and make lively conversation, as well as anyone else. J--- couldn't have done it, but Lucy can! Strange that: how a submerged persona has bobbed up and taken over. I'm not saying that Lucy is nicer than J--- was, but she's definitely game for a lot more.

So what can I do?

I can talk, subject no object. And talk far too much, I suspect, but at least nobody would ever say that I'm a timid little thing with nothing to say for herself. I can certainly bluff convincingly on many things - fine wine, for instance:

And I can hold my booze too:

In fact, I can drink and still remember how to adjust my knickers discreetly:

I know how to eat spaghetti (or in this case noodles) elegantly:

Or demonstrate the best way to devour a chip:

I'm a good listener...

...completely at ease with people in strange costumes:

I can do funny hats and disguises:

Not least, I can entertain:

And on the practical side, I've found a great idea for guests with muddy shoes:

I want them to feel so welcome on 'my' night!

No problems then! I can be the perfect hostess!


  1. If you remember to send these photos with your application you are a shoe-in Lucy!

  2. Impressive, Lucy. You definitely have the makings of a CDWM host. I feel sure the producer will snap you up at the first opportunity. In one, I thought you had noodles on your head, but when I enlarged it I thankfully found it untrue. Mind you, judging by some of the other photos, I wouldn't have put it past you!

    Angie x

  3. Yes, definitely mad as a hatter.......just the right kind of person to apply......

    Shirley Anne x


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