Saturday, 15 June 2013

My friend Alice has made a film about being herself

Alice was my first trans friend, and I have known her since December 2008. Last weekend she mentioned that she had helped to make a short film about herself with Raphael Fox and Lewis Hancox, whom you may remember from the 2011 TV documentary My Transsexual Summer. These two young men are now film-makers. Their production company is called Lucky Tooth Films.

Hitherto, I've referred to Alice as simply 'A---' on this blog, but she's now put herself out there in public as a named trans person, 'Alice of Brighton' anyway, and there's no point now in carrying on with 'A---'. Indeed, she has urged me to publicise her film on my blog if I can. I'm very happy to do that for her.

So: I got an excited text message earlier today from Alice, telling me that the film was out, and where I could watch it on the Internet. I promised to look at it tonight, but I couldn't resist looking at it sooner than that.

It's a short film with Alice herself doing all the talking. You get to see a lot of her flat, her appearance, hints of what music she likes, and you hear what makes her tick. It's all very natural. There's a good relevant soundtrack going on in the background, which I suspect was chosen by Alice. The editing seems very professional. I see that Lucky Tooth Films have in mind showings in schools and film festivals. It would be nice if a TV company took up this kind of documentary for a mid-evening slot.

It absolutely shows Alice as you will find her at home or in her garden. She doesn't dwell on stuff like surgery: I don't think she even mentions it. She does speak frankly about how she first faced up to transition; how she came out to her kids; and what it means to her, to be accepted and appreciated for the woman she is. She gives us a poem to round the film off that I found moving. For some, the ending might require tissues for a tear or two: Alice's life, and her position, will resonate with a lot of people.

I do recommend a viewing. You can see Alice's film at the Lucky Tooth Films website at Under their flashing 'gold tooth' logo is a choice of pages: select 'Documentary', and a list of films to view then appears. Click on My Genderation - Alice.

Alice and I are very good friends, but very different at the same time. She can explain herself in film and music and especially poetry. I can't - I need to do it with still photographs and plodding screeds.

We are both articulate, however, and love to talk. And, in our own ways, we both need to be creative. Like many, many, other trans people need to be. There may not be a 'trans gene', but I bet that most trans people have a 'creativity gene', and need to express themselves somehow, if they don't actually perform.


  1. Great film, Alice is beautiful. Love the poem at the end too!

  2. Yes, a really nice film, short and to the point. I liked her poem very much.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. What a sweet, lovely person Alice is! I also love the poem. She is absolutely adorable too. :c)

    == Cass

  4. Such a great film Lucy - thank you so much for sharing it. :o) x


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