Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Glowing in the dark: the new necklace

I came away from the South of England Show with a souvenir - a new necklace, composed of a string of large egg-shaped glass beads, light-blue in colour and only slightly opaque. These catch the light all the time in such a way that the necklace seems to glow. But from certain angles, and in certain lights, there is a secondary effect: the light is refracted, so that as well as the blue glow, there is an amber light pattern. To my eyes it looks very pretty. See what you think:

That amber thing seems to be more pronounced in dim light, and so I think this is especially a necklace for indoor or evening wear, as the beads will catch any light available, such as candlelight. It might be a bit too much at midday on a beach, or in a sunny shopping mall. But naturally I will have to do a few test runs, and see what happens. The necklace is definitely going with me on holiday to bonny Scotland!

You may detect already a very slight change in my 'look'. I've decided to wear the hairband much less, to show my ears more, and to try a range of earrings instead of the same old studs. None of these changes need be permanent, it's all experimentation. Basically I feel that despite the dreadful ravages of old age and a vibrant social life, I can still cut it in the cattle market if I do little things to enhance whatever lingering femininity I can still muster. It can't make me pretty or beautiful - decades too late for that - but it might add subtly to my physical attractiveness. A kind of tentative makeover. Pity about the witch-like neck, but hey ho.

If only cats and dogs take an interest, and I get blanked as usual by passing chappies under forty seeking younger and prettier flesh, then I'll be perfectly composed. If on the other hand cultured fellows of wealth, style, distinction and discernment, all of them men of the world in the very finest sense, eagerly want to claim my acquaintance as I stroll through the elegant streets and crescents of Edinburgh, then I'll know that tweaking one's presentation really does make a difference!

Fantasy City, here I come.


  1. We can all dream Lucy (I know I dream a lot!). It is a nice necklace to be sure but I fancy more suited to evening wear. I have several necklaces, most of which are long in length but I seldom wear them. Seems a bit silly having them I suppose so I will make the effort as many of them are suitable for day wear too.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. I'm so used to seeing you wearing your hairband and delicate silver necklaces that this new look will take a little getting used to. But it's tremendous fun experimenting, isn't it.

    And yes, it is a very pretty necklace.

  3. Well, I won't stray far from whatever I know does work for me. So the hairband is not going to disappear, and it's coming on holiday! The silver necklace will remain my everyday neckwear, for sentimental reasons, but I now have another good alternative for some occasions, or some outfits.


  4. Like it, especially with the top with the hint of blue. Lifting that heavy camera that few extra few inches really adds a bit of glamour...


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