Sunday, 16 June 2013

Earring experiment

The loading of my caravan is almost complete, but I need a break. So another post before I set forth tomorrow morning. I will of course be posting while away, but without photos; so this is the last one for three weeks that can include a picture.

A little while ago I showed you my new necklace, and mentioned that I was trying out a range of earrings to wear instead of the titanium studs that I'd kept in my ears continuously since the end of 2009, briefly taking them out for only one thing: surgery in March 2011. I settled on some fake pearl earrings that I'd bought for £18 from a shop in Chichester in January 2010, and had never worn before. Once in, they looked like this:

The dumb-bell type studs were a swine to unscrew, but once done, and the pearl earrings put in, I was pleased with the result. These had a thin rod that you popped through the little hole in the ear lobe, then secured with a small push-on piece that stayed in place by friction. But some earrings are of course hooked onto the ear, with all kinds of dangley decoration. It would be fun exploring that world. I wasn't sure how heavyweight gold gypsy (or pirate) rings fixed onto one's ears, but that too could now be looked into!

I'd never fancied the sort of earring (favoured by my Mum) that pinched the lobe to stay in place. Earrings that needed a hole in the lobe seemed so much nicer, and I was really glad that I'd had my ears pierced. I was determined to never let the holes close up, and to keep them healthy.

All went well for a day. Then my left lobe began to feel sore. Sure enough, it looked a bit inflamed. I wasn't going to take any chances. I took the pearl earrings off, and (with a lot of difficulty, it's such a fiddle when you have fat hands with stubby fingers) refitted the titanium studs. The soreness quickly relented.

Sigh. I suppose that if I want to vary my ear bling I'll have to save up and get expensive earrings in a metal that won't react with my skin. Till then, studs only.

Does it always have to be titanium? It obviously can't be anything that might tarnish. What about gold? I'll do some Internet research and find out more.


  1. Not unusual to hear of people having reactions to the material used in earrings, lucky that you had not paid out a fortune for them.

    Bon voyage.

  2. I personally do not like earrings unless they hang. I would never wear studs or earrings like the ones you show us Lucy. They are just not my style.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. It's a shame that the metal reacted with your skin, as the style definitely suits you.

    Bonne vacances

    (Only showing off to Caroline!)


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