Friday, 14 June 2013

Cordon Blur: the Come Dine With Me application form has been sent

It's gone. Completed on the PC and sent by email not an hour ago, with receipt instantly acknowledged.

I actually did a paper version for ordinary posting yesterday, but then slept on it, and this morning decided that it would be much better to deal with this electronically.

First, typing in my answers to Channel 4's questions meant that the form would be easier to read, and I could actually get more information in, or at least make my answers more nuanced.

Second, a paper form wouldn't get acknowledged at all unless it passed the first sift and they were definitely interested in me.

Third, a paper form would have to be scanned for internal distribution to, and consideration by, whatever teams wade through all the applications. It would assist Channel 4, and possibly fast-track me, if the physical scanning stage could be sidestepped.

Fourth, emailing the thing meant that both the application form and my photo would be attachments, letting me include a decent-sized shot.

This is the photo I selected, taken in a Welsh pub last March. I've featured it before, but it has the obvious virtues that I'm in a evening dining situation, wine glass in hand, wearing suitable clothes, and smiling just as a friendly food-loving hostess should:

What now? Well, nothing more for the time being. This is for a future series. If I get through the whittling-down process, then one day I could get a call. But that might be months away, if it happens at all. Meanwhile, I'll make a few preparations, just in case. Those will at least add to my personal skills, my cookery knowledge, and the look of my home.


  1. Crumbs, Lucy, I didn't think you were that serious. Good luck, dear friend. If that isn't an excuse for "Nag's Head Revisited" then I don't know what is!

  2. You soon be one of them there celebrities....

  3. Well Lucy you can only fail but I cannot see you doing that! I hope your wish comes true. Best wishes.

    Shirley Anne x

  4. verrry nice photo of you nice hair style and outfit


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