Saturday, 15 June 2013


Oh, look. This is a bit sad, isn't it? In fact it's more than sad:

Three days ago my pageview total made it to 234,567. I happened to notice it coming up, then hovered over the PC for at least half an hour, checking the mounting total all the time, so that I could get this shot. I really did. It was a photographic challenge. To capture the Decisive Moment.

I suppose you could say that it was a unique moment, a perfect run of figures that would never be repeated. Never. Essential to record it!

Oh well. At least nobody will be fooled into believing that I have a lofty mind that soars far above trivial things.

This must surely be a contender for a booby prize of some kind. Or is that even more ridiculous?

The pageview total is now 236,580 and I don't see any scope for similar games for a while!

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