Thursday, 23 May 2013


Fiona has been fixed. She's already had a service and her MOT, and the punctures in the rear tyres have been dealt with. And now, today, she has had brand new rear brake disks and pads fitted. I can go off on my Northern Tour next month with complete peace of mind.

I'm more-or-less ready to go now. The caravan has been turned around in the driveway, ready for hitching up. If pushed, I could load it up in just a couple of hours, and then be on the road. How tempting that is! I'm beginning to feel somewhat confined, not having gone far since March. I can't imagine never going away like this from time to time. A constant change of scene seems so important.

I've got to admit it, I've become a restless kind of person, who enjoys their home but needs to get out often. I really don't think that I could ever now settle into a quiet, go-nowhere existence totally centred around a local job or a local interest. There's some point in discussing this, because I've heard that Waitrose (my favourite supermarket) is expanding its operations in mid Sussex. The store at nearby Burgess Hill is being extended, and a completely new store will be opening in Haywards Heath. It has crossed my mind that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get myself a part-time job with Waitrose from the end of this year until my State Pension kicks at the end of 2014. Say I cleared £80 a week after tax and NIC, and the expense of driving to work and back, and kept it up for a year. That would be very handy money. It would let me do more caravanning.

But then, would I have the opportunity? The commitment to do the job would stop me going away for anything more than short breaks. And would I really want to pin myself down to a go-to-work routine again? All right, it would only be two or three days a week, and it would be local. But once the novelty has worn off, I can see myself getting demotivated if extra money is the only incentive. Especially on sunny days, when I could be down at the seaside...

Sigh. I've become institutionally retired! How sad!


  1. How about self employment? Work on your terms. Without the imperative to work all hours, due to your retired status.

    I suspect there would be many businesses who would be very interested in consultancy from someone with your work experience. And I can say from mine that the enjoyable part is seeing inside many businesses rather than the monotony of one.

  2. I think Lucy is a Gypsy....LOL. I know what you mean by wanting to get away from the house and lose yourself in new surroundings for a while, I used to be just the same. The problem, if I can call it that, is that I found I was never satisfied. When at home I would want to be elsewhere and when elsewhere longed to be back home! Even now whenever I leave the house or some socialising I find I cannot get enough of it but always yearn to get back home. Travelling excites me but I no longer yearn to do it. How strange is that? I like travelling but not all of the problems that come with it sometimes. For me now all places are pretty much the same, there is nothing pulling me to go and seek out new places, for me it is like chasing after the wind but that is just me. Well Lucy, now that you have spent so much on getting the car sorted I hope your break up north goes as well as you hope it will. Enjoy.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. For self-employment, I once had a bit of photo work lined up, and bought the equipment needed, but transition took over and the dire economics of running two houses, one of which was empty but unlettable, forced me to sell the equipment. I have no other skills, and tax work is a no-no: I didn't like it much, and wouldn't want to go back to it. I agree that self-employment allows you to organise your time as you wish, but it can also be a lot of hassle, and accidental success would plunder my leisure moments.

    No, I'll keep an eye on opportunities at Waitrose, and might try for a counter job to find out what happens, but I bet I don't get even to the interview stage - or if by some fluke they see me and actually offer a position, then it's odds on that it will interfere with some holiday I have in mind, and I'll have to say thank you, but no.

    That said, if they are obviously very keen, and the money is good, then I'd be an idiot not to give it a go.



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