Sunday, 14 April 2013

Here comes the sun

One or two recent days have been quite sunny, and have felt warm. Yesterday however reverted to the kind of cold, wet, windy, wintry weather that suggests Spring will never really come. But as if to make up for it, today has been wall-to-wall sunshine, and quite hot. Here's me, in summer garb, enjoying the early afternoon sunshine in my conservatory:

As you can see, shades and shorts were justified. I was glad to air my pallid legs. But such was the heat, I could only stand half an hour of it, and then had to retreat, dazed with the glare, to my lounge, where I had exactly the same reclining setup but a little more shade. I dropped off to sleep. What a life.

I do hope this decent weather continues, although the forecast is for less sun and more showers in the coming week. Still, if it's warmer on the whole I will feel encouraged to do things in my garden before all the plants get into their stride. There's a lot of washing (big stuff from both the house and caravan) that I can't do until it can be hung out on a line to dry and air properly. There are gutters to clear, and paths to scrape. Stuff to bag up and take to the tip. In fact a whole string of fair-weather tasks to attend to.

It's just as well I'm staying home much more this year, to conserve my cash! The February purchase of my new cooker will affect my holiday spending all year long.

Fiona will be going in for her annual service in three week's time. Whether my Northern Tour in June is a free-spending one, or the kind of tour that Scrooge would go on, depends very much on that service being straightforward with no nasty surprises. I'm not anticipating any, mind you.

At least there's good news about the tyre that's got a nail in it. I took it to the Volvo dealer the other day, wanting to know whether this meant a quick and cheap repair, or an expensive replacement. The technician said replacement - the nail was too close to the tyre wall. Oh no! That would be over £200 for a new tyre! On the other hand, the tyre wasn't losing any air, and the nail wouldn't lead to an MOT failure on its own. I should keep an eye on it, checking the tyre pressure regularly, but it might last indefinitely. And in his opinion, I wouldn't be risking a high-speed blow-out when towing the caravan.

That was an unexpected answer, and a very reassuring one, and who am I to argue? If the tyre survives till its routine replacement next year, I'll be even happier. Car dealers (and the motor trade generally) have a reputation for saying that jobs need doing, especially when it's a woman, but this instance shows otherwise!

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  1. The weather up here hasn't been too bad today but nothing like it was yesterday which was just like you had today, warm and sunny. I wouldn't be taking a chance with that tyre. If it is a nail presumably it has lost it's head by now and there isn't anything to stop it being pushed further into the rubber, possibly all the way in leaving an escape route for the air! Is it really worth the risk? Up to you of course Lucy.

    Shirley Anne x


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