Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Château Melford 2013 proves to be a fine vintage

I'm sure you will be relieved to learn, as I was, that the suggestion of blood in my urine checked out OK. The doctor phoned me yesterday about the sample I provided. Nothing to worry about.

So, combining this with the routine kidney test last February (also OK), I feel confident that my liquid waste disposal system is functioning perfectly. Very nice to know.

Concern about such things must be baffling to younger people, but, believe me, it's very easy to start worrying about all sorts of basic stuff going wrong as you get older. You realise that you are not immortal, that your parts do wear out, and that a life of careless dissipation is going to catch up with you. I can't say that I ever over-indulged in anything to a dangerous degree, but that was as much accidental as deliberate. In the wrong company, the seeds of destruction could have been sown. As it is, my chief vices (where health is concerned) are a liking for tasty food in satisfying quantities, and not giving enough time to exercise. Both of which can be addressed, and do get addressed now and then.

I had my first salad of the year tonight. That will help reduce my unwanted bulges if repeated often enough!


  1. I thought you had started on a diet a few months ago after you talked about putting on a little weight Lucy. What happened to your plan or have you given up on the idea? From what you tell us you do a lot of walking which must be of benefit but perhaps your walks should be taking you in the opposite direction to the cafés and other eateries....LOL Glad your blood test proved negative

    Shirley Anne

  2. Ah, my intentions are good but bad weather, laziness, and boredom with the same old routine tend to undermine my exercise plans. I really don't walk all that much.


  3. I blame the atrocious weather, I will never were out the bike tyres at this rate...

    Your last sentence concerns me a little, just how many salads do you intend to eat? too many could be fattening. LOL...


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