Thursday, 7 March 2013

I still get a kick out of it

By now you'd think that I would be completely blasée about being treated like a natal woman. But I'm not. I still regard it as the most amazing thing.

This morning, for instance. I'd gone to my local surgery so that the nurse could take some routine blood samples for analysis (blood sugar, etc). She has been doing this for me for nearly two years, and I'm quite sure she does know that I'm a post-op trans woman.

I like to chat with her in the ten minutes allocated, and this morning something got her talking about dating. Now this is a lady who is of course younger than me, but nevertheless has a daughter who is herself old enough to be dating in a grown-up context.

Well, she told me that she'd had various dates recently, and was happy to talk about them, and her experiences with one man in particular. Out of respect for her privacy, I won't go deeply into what she said to me, but we did discuss what the man was saying, how she ought to interpret his behaviour, and what I would do if the present developing situation doesn't work out as hoped. Real woman-to-woman stuff.

I think that somehow she forgot who I was, and simply accepted me as an empathetic woman in the chair next to her. Somebody she could discuss her affairs with. And that made me feel so trusted.

Hours later, I still feel this was a remarkable experience, even though it was really only a casual ten-minute conversation! But it was another glimpse of a world that I do long to explore. And it seems that I am not going to be rebuffed if I try.

Needless to say, this has revived thoughts of giving dating a serious go. I can't think of any good reason not to put myself out there and see what happens. It can't kill me. It would add an essential dimension to my real-life experience. I simply need to be ready for endless let-downs and disappointments. But then, so far as I can see, that's exactly what natal women have to put up with.


  1. Nice experience Lucy but then you are a woman aren't you? If you feel it is right for you to start dating go ahead and give it a go. All I would say is be aware of what may happen when you pursue the thought and what you might do if things go beyond your expectations. Best wishes on that one.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Go for it! I'm sure that there is a man out there waiting to share his time with you.

    I'm always slightly surprised to come across these posts as I've always thought of you as Lucy - just Lucy.


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