Sunday, 6 January 2013

Editorial decisions

On the advice of a good friend, and after some deliberation, I have decided that I need to get this blog on track again. To look hard at my editorial policy, as it were.

This is meant to be a general-interest blog, mostly concerned with what I get up to and take an interest in. That includes quite a lot of stuff that other people can relate to, especially when I pick up on some current-affairs topic, something in the news. We all tend to do that. It's good to write creatively too. I don't think I really have the imagination to write a novel; but I can run a blog as the next-best thing.

Besides, the 780-odd posts so far published do in fact form a kind of autobiography, a work of reference anyway, and perhaps it's not a bad idea to write something of that kind - with historical value for my family - as you go along, so that it's absolutely contemporary and not something recalled from a fuzzy memory much later on. This is somewhat in contemplation of my demise during the next two or three decades, and is of course inspired by Dad's own autobiography. I don't suppose my heirs will actually be in much hurry to wade through all my zillions of words, and they may just delete the lot; but better to have them available than to be totally unknowable to future generations. How I wish that my forebears had left a written legacy for me to read!

Another function of a blog like this is that it allows me to explore what I feel about various aspects of my life past, present and future. The therapy this provides shouldn't be underestimated. Some of it will strike a chord with many other people, some of it won't, but that doesn't undermine the psychological usefulness of getting things off one's chest. It all helps to put things away for good, and move forward.

All this said, I see that I've let the blog veer off up a path that I didn't intend.

Especially in the last month or so, I've published a few posts that attracted attention I did not expect, and was not looking for. Comments came that made me realise I had strayed into territory that had nothing to do with caravan trips and pleasant days out. My friend asked me to consider whether I was putting myself up as a self-appointed spokesperson on issues that, for me, were receding into history and could be left behind. Well, I've listened, and thought about it.

It's up to me to exercise control and judgement as to what this blog covers, and I think it's sensible to keep out of areas that really don't concern me any more. At least in a space so open to the public as this one. So I've done two things. First, I've taken down the posts that seemed offensive to some commentators. Second, I've resolved to keep the blog focussed on my core concerns in 2013. That means fitness, friends and travel, purely personal news and issues, and whatever is happening in the world that takes my eye.

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