Saturday, 22 December 2012

Playing with a change of title

For an hour last night I added seven little words beneath the usual Lucy Melford header, hitherto unchanged for nearly four years.

Without wanting to change the tone or appeal or coverage of the blog in any way, I decided that the time had come to define its intended readership slightly better. It was still to be called Lucy Melford, but also now A blog for all kinds of women. A blog written especially for all women, natal or trans, right across the spectrum.

I wanted to draw in more natal women. I thought it proper to emphasise what I had in common with ordinary women, especially women in their fifties and sixties. I wanted to hear more from them. But I also wanted to keep the trans element strong. It 'explained' me, revealed where I was coming from, and why some of my future goals were always going to be different from the average woman's.

It was no coincidence that recently, as well as strictly trans posts, I'd written posts on subjects of concern to women generally, such as stalking, and some men's bad behaviour. And a few posts back, I played with fire somewhat by commenting sympathetically on the new Christine Benvenuto book. As a member of the bookbuying public, and trans, I was obviously entitled to do so, but I underestimated the polarity that quickly overwhelms discussions on such books and such authors, especially when it's all chiefly an American concern. You live and learn. The experience made me hesitate to post anything on the controversial subject of American gun ownership, even though this is much in the news at the moment.

I haven't kept those seven little words. The title has quickly reverted to plain Lucy Melford. I didn't want to limit my choice of subjects, nor to imply that the blog wouldn't be of interest to male readers.

I think that it's a good principle to make the nature of a blog quite clear, but not at the expense of narrowing the topics dealt with. Besides, let's face it, the blog is in fact mostly about me! And so the title was always right, and ought not to be meddled with.

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