Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Facebook finally deleted from my life

Just a quick post. It's late and I'm tired, Christmas day turning out to be rather boozy (drinks with neighbours). I also cooked myself a whopping dinner for myself once home again, and that has induced sleepiness as well.

Late on Christmas Day afternoon I decided to have another quick peep at my Facebook account, which had been in 'deactivated' mode since July - really only hibernating, because it instantly came alive again when I logged in.

It was as confusing and irritating as before. Still not for me. 

This time I found and searched the help pages to find out whether I could delete my Facebook account altogether, so that it could never be revived, and everything relating to me would be finally binned beyond recall. Amazingly, the answer was yes, complete deletion was an option, and there was actually a link to another page on which I could authorise permanent deletion. I duly did so.  It'll now all disappear in two weeks time.

Meanwhile Facebook will allow me to change my mind, simply by logging in anytime in the next fourteen days. No doubt they are hoping that I will have second thoughts. But I don't think so!

Of course, while fiddling around, I managed to send out one or two accidental friend requests. It just shows how easy it is to mess up on Facebook, and set things in motion that you didn't intend. I'm so much happier in the well-controlled universe of blogging. I don't do 'social networking' the Facebook way. It will be so good to escape, leaving hardly a trace behind.

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  1. We are on the same wavelength as regards to fb. I had posted for a while that I did not think that it was working for me and only a couple of "friends" made any comment... Think my problem is with the definition of friend.

    One day I decided to see how the account could be permanently removed and it was so tricky to find that Almost without thinking I just hit the vanish for ever and leave me in peace button.

    I used to find interesting links posted which I may never have found otherwise but it never compensated for all the irritation fb created. Nearly a year now without it and not a moment of regret.


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