Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Technical difficulties

I'm sorry that my holiday posts dried up. I was writing posts offline for publication when connected to the Internet via wi-fi, and once I moved on from Cirencester I never did end up in a coffee shop with free Internet on offer.

I'm back home now, and can catch up, although I have to say putting a post together on Blogger is not proving easy. It used to be straightforward with the 'old look', and I could compose a plain text piece offline on my Nokia phone (which runs Symbian, and I use Opera Mini as my browser) then copy-and-paste it into Blogger, but the 'new look' has put an end to that. Doing something similar offline with the Sony tablet is possible, but laborious, as no formatting survives the pasting process, which means you have to insert html tags wherever needed, just to get paragraphing for instance. I will no doubt find a solution, but I wasn't going to waste holiday time on this!

At least I can now use the PC at home to write posts with photos included. There appears to be no way of doing that on a non-Windows mobile device.


  1. Looking forward to that Lucy. I have to say I find Blogger hard work to use (I do have a blog there). My Wordpress account is far easier to use though many of the 'extras' normally free with Google's Blogger have to be paid for (I don't use them for that reason) on WP.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. I was about to send an email to see if you were alright with such a deathly silence...

    Why do they keep fixing things which are not broken? The fixing only makes them broken! The new blogger format is a real pain without going to the trouble to ry and start the post elsewhere. When I try to get out of an edited draft which was easy before I find I have to close the whole blogger window and start again, this is plain dumb!

    Moan over, good to se you back.


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