Monday, 21 May 2012

Two problems solved!

Communication crisis resolved
Well I'll be damned. On the morning of the very day that the BT engineer is meant to call and fix my Broadband problems, the service has speeded up amazingly! Like I'm suddenly getting 6 to 7 megabytes per second coming in, and can send about 0.4 megabyte going out. I can watch the BBC iPlayer, and upload shots to Flickr again. And ordinary stuff is really snappy. Good enough. I've cancelled the visit.

If anything, Broadband on my Sony tablet - which relies on a wireless connection of course - is even better than on the ethernet-connected PC. I suppose it hasn't got the PC's Vista overload to contend with.

Well, I'm astonished at the change. I don't quite understand why it has happened. I did check the cabling around the house, and I simplified it to bare bones; and I disconnected the PC's wireless adapter, and substituted a wired link to the router using an ethernet cable. I can't see how these minor tweaks would have so drastically improved the pathetically poor service I was getting only two days ago. It's as if BT has turned a tap on full, and the Broadband is flooding out in a massive gush, instead of a trickle. I just don't understand it.

Well, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm happy to go with whatever has been done by BT in the background. At least I can go off on holiday knowing that this incredibly annoying problem is apparently fixed. I'd been seriously wondering whether it would be possible to upload my Cotswold snaps to Flickr when I got back. Now I know I can. (So expect a deluge of those, if you like to see my stuff)

Identity crisis averted
And another problem has been knocked on the head too. If you recall, after my new Birth Certificate was created earlier this year, there was suddenly a mismatch between the name on the Birth Certificate (Lucy D---) and the surname I am known to the world by (Lucy Melford). How on earth to make a link between the two without having to show:
# My original 'male' Birth certificate
# My 2009 Deed Poll, showing my old 'male' name and my new 'female' name
# My Gender Recognition Certificate

I wanted to have one, entirely new, document that would provide the link. I pursued the notion of a fresh Statutory Declaration, although I needed guidance on the wording. So I emailed Gires and the Gender Trust for advice. That was over two weeks ago, with no response. Not impressive!

Then I thought a bit more. What about a fresh Deed Poll instead? One that said I was born Lucy D---, but was now Lucy Melford (and had been for some time)? I went back to the people who had handled the first Deed Poll in 2009, the UK Deed Poll Service, and explained in an email what my situation was, and asked for their advice. That was yesterday morning (a Sunday morning). I had a response within hours. On a Sunday afternoon. What service!

Yes, another, suitably-worded Deed Poll would do the trick, and I needn’t send out umpteen copies to all and sundry. Just keep it on file for possible future use, or for the imformation of my executrix. So the thing could be done quite cheaply. And, as a previous customer, I’d get a £10 discount! So be it, then. As soon as I’m back from my Cotswold jaunt, I’ll be onto this. I can’t do it before, because the Deed Poll arrives from them in a stiff package that won’t go through my front door; the postman will have to hand it to me, and I won’t be around for that till I get back.

This is the simple solution I was looking for. I just have to execute it with a witness present. A neighbour, of course. No messing around with solicitors, or a second appearance before the Brighton Magistrate!

This has all made me feel very upbeat.  And the sun’s coming out. And I’ve discovered some deckchairs in the garage - I’ll take one on holiday, and sit around in the sunshine next to the caravan, getting a tan, and not do quite so much driving around. Happy days.


  1. It's all coming together for you Lucy. It's funny how the obvious often eludes our thoughts sometimes but eventually it dawns on us. Glad you can get the name thing sorted easily. Great news about your broadband connection too! Life's looking good for you.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. Depending on the wireless card that you had in the PC it could be that it was indeed the cause of the slowdown of your connection. If you had a slow card in your PC and your router can't cope with multiple wireless speeds it could seem slow, and also mean that your tablet has to slow down to connect.

    I know that when I turn off our older equipment the network speed on my laptop jumps from 144 to 300mbps!

    Anyway, glad you got it sorted! And the name too :)



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