Thursday, 10 May 2012

Out with the (natal) girls tonight!

Well, one natal girl at least, my next-door neighbour J---. But maybe it'll be a threesome. I'm really looking forward to this, because I've had it up to my neck and beyond with computer-related stuff, and it'll be so nice to just chat and eat, and have a merry glass of wine or two.

An entirely informal evening of course: jeggings and a top of some kind. I don't bother with skirts at all at the moment. They make me look frumpy, and besides, who is wearing skirts on the street? Or even around the village? A student might wear a mini over leggings, but mostly women and girls - unless dressed for work - are in denim of some sort or other, because it's practical and it's warm. And what other women and girls do, I do.

It's no good wearing 'statement clothing' or stuff that 'expresses one's true personality'. I say, if you want to be one of the girls, wear what they do. Personality can be reserved for the little details and peripheral items, meaning rings and neck decoration, and watches, and handbags.

Well, it works for me! I do happily wear a dress, a really nice one, if the occasion presents itself, but not around town during the day, and not to the local curry house at night. Especially if it's inclement and I'm walking there. And positively no heels. And I wouldn't say I'm a plain or unimaginative dresser, or unfashionable, or inelegant (insofar as a chubby person like me can do elegance!).

Oh, all right, I'll briefly tell you why I'm a bit cheesed off with computers. Having struggled with those music transfers - aaaargh - I then lost my landline connection two days back, and with it my Broadband. Just when I needed to do some online banking! Grrrrrrrr. So much of one's modern life is now dependent on access to the Internet. I did have access of a sort on my Nokia mobile phone, but it was small-screen and subject to what Opera Mini could render. It wasn't good enough for shifting funds around. Fortunately K--- next door offered usage of his PC, and I was able to log in and do what I needed to. But J--- and K--- are often out. You have to have your own working connection.

And then, guess what, because I couldn't post anything using the PC or tablet, I attempted to do it on the phone. But having recently switched to the new-style Blogger layout that Google is pushing, I found that Opera Mini wouldn''t work with it. So no posting either. GRRRRRRRR!

Then I got my Broadband back this morning, suddenly.

Well, the deprival experience has brought me down to earth on what is important in life. Meaning that getting on with Real Things That Ought To Be Done and Having A Great Curry With Natal Girls I Like is much more important than fiddling around with DRM-locked music tracks.

Do you know - and please don't laugh - I've now decided that I wasted a lot of precious time setting up the tablet. I should merely have said to myself: what needs this big screen? Answer: Internet browsing, email, documents and spreadsheets, photos to show, video, mapping and games. And not music. Music is best played on your phone, which already has the Full Collection, and sounds good even in loudspeaker mode, and absolutely superb with earphones.

So why did I spend so long with those 100 missing tracks, when really I didn't need any music on the tablet at all? It must have been some obsessive urge to install everything the tablet could handle. Daft. Worrying. Evidence of senility or worse. At least a sense of proportion has returned.

Now they're there, I'll keep the 1,150 tracks that did install; but I won't do anything about the 100 that haven't; and if I need to free up memory - and 5GB is presently devoted to music files - I'll delete the lot.

Hah. An escape from the snare of gee-whizz technology. Delivered from slavery. In control. A free woman again!

Now I'm now really looking forward to that curry. I might even tart myself up just a little...


  1. I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself too! I can understand the computer thing, great when they work, a pain when they don't! You and I have a different philosophy when it come to skirts I think. I won't wear anything else and some girls I know feel the same way. As for wearing skirts for work, many girls do and I do likewise, even as an electrician! I am not trying to make a statement, although that may be what I am doing but I will not 'conform' just because everyone else wants to. Everything is down to personal choice of course but you'll never see me in anything else but a skirt. Maybe I'll start a fashion trend? LOL. Not bothered one way or the other. Now I find I am fancying a curry! I wonder why?

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. I tried to have the same music on the laptop, for my trip to Brighton, that was happily on the desktop. Because I purchased some of it under an old name and long abandoned email organising it managed to loose my address book!! Computers!! Not so in love with them any more and shelved all plans for a tablet...

    Skirts give such freedom of movement, roll on summer...

  3. After all of that technology you deserved a nigh out with the girls. Hope you had a good time.


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