Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I nearly quench the Olympic Flame!

And here we are, live from Cirencester Park Caravan Club Site via the magic of wi-fi!

I arrived this afternoon, and I'm here for nine nights. Cirencester is the 'capital' of the Cotswolds, and a nice old market town with Roman (actually pre-Roman) origins. I saw something of it as I drove in, because I took a wrong turning somewhere (all roundabouts tend to look the same) and found myself towing the caravan through some narrow old streets. And the strange thing was, they were thronged with people (soldiers too) all waiting for something. Not me, of course! Visiting royalty? A procession? I hoped I wasn't going to get stuck in some impossible place where I couldn't turn round - it's very difficult with a caravan! Or worse, get in the way of whatever was coming through. I learned later that the Olympic Torch-bearer was going to run through Cirencester that very afternoon. Well, of all days to arrive here...

By mid-afternoon, I'd checked into the Site, paid my £94.65 fee for the nine nights, paid also another £15.00 to have twenty hours of wi-fi time (that's £0.75 per hour - is that good? It seems inexpensive anyway), and selected my pitch. This was on a west-facing hardstanding backing onto a beech grove with little bunny rabbits hopping around, and surrounded by immaculately-mown lawns. That's the thing about Club sites: they're always very well maintained, with excellent facilities. The only real snag is that you have to share them with a hundred other caravanners and motorcaravanners. Not that any of them are unfriendly, or make a noise or anything: they are simply there, and despite the leafy surroundings, there's no sense of having got away from it all. That's why I prefer to stay on farms, where only five caravanners can go, and off-season there's a sporting chance of having the place to yourself. There's usually a fine view too.

But I'm in no way knocking this Site. It promises to be pleasant, convenient, and a good place to chill. I'm going to walk a lot more than usual. There's the Park itself, right on my doorstep. And it's only half a mile into Cirencester, and it's a town well worth exploring on foot. My camera should get some exercise as well, then! Cirencester has got a Waitrose unintentional detour on the way in showed me where.

Incidentally, I'm typing this with the bluetooth keyboard. So it's being put together pretty rapidly, and with the minimum of effort. The weather has been magnificent. It's been sunny all day, and frankly by mid-afternoon it was too hot for me, so I got out a deckchair that I'd brought and sat in the shade to cool off. I'm just beginning to think about cooking something tasty. The Site looks serene in the orange light of approaching sunset.


  1. I think you need someone to share your breaks Lucy, if only to guide you on your journeys.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Glad that you are off to a good start, look forward to a new view of the Cotswolds.


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