Thursday, 3 May 2012

I canna see it!

Having lauded my Memory Map collection in the last post, I've now discovered a little flaw in the 2012 Landranger map of all Great Britain!

I know my GB geography. I'm perfectly familiar with what should be there. And I quickly noticed that one of the Inner Hebrides, the small island of Canna, had vanished. Gone without a trace. Perhaps it had drifted away up the Minch and out into the North Atlantic, possibly to be holed by a passing iceburg, and then to sink in the darkness, its twenty or so inhabitants never heard of again.

This could not be. I had to act. So I installed an older version of the Landranger map onto my tablet. Hurrah! Canna was back! The inhabitants were safe!

Now what was going on here? My first thinking was that nothing had changed on Canna in the last half dozen years, and because no revisions were needed, somehow this led to Canna being overlooked for the 2012 upgrade. Yes, as like as not. Well, it's Not Good Enough. I shall send a stiff email off to Memory Map tomorrow, pointing out the absence of Canna on my tablet, and requesting action. After all, it's ridiculous that I need to have two installations of the same map on my Sony, simply to see Canna instead of a blank area of sea. The older version of the Landranger map is using up 3GB. But I'll be careful what I say, because Canna does appear on the PC version of the 2012 map.

You might well be thinking, so what? Never heard of Canna. It can't matter, especially if you'll never be going there, Lucy! Get a grip.

Ah, but you'd be wrong. 'Twas another childhood ambition of mine to visit each of the Small Isles, of which Canna is but one, the others being Rum, Eigg and Muck. Come now, surely you'd also want to see such places before the Grim Reaper makes it impossible? I do. Perhaps en route (with Fiona) to the Outer Hebrides, to drive the entire length of that string of windy islands from Barra to the Butt of Lewis - only two ferry crossings are needed now. And, for the sake of the photo, I could take Fiona onto Canna's ultra-short road system. And check out the effects of Compass Hill, which is a lump of iron ore that can wreck ships' compasses. So I need a proper map of the place. If they've got any pride in their product, Memory Map must provide a fix. And pronto.

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  1. Makes you wonder if there other omissions you have yet to discover

    Shirley Anne x


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