Tuesday, 15 May 2012

100,000 pageviews! Will BT let me post some more?

Please bear with me on the preamble!

I've lost my landline connection again, and can't use it for either calls or Broadband. My nextdoor neighbour K--- is having similar, though less severe, difficulties. Today the BT engineer came to look into his connection problem. The engineer couldn't touch mine: I needed to report my own fault first. Sigh.

But I did have a word with him. He showed me the local cable setup in the box sunk into the pavement outside. Several thick black cables converging onto a big black pod. Not a recent installation. Some corrosion evident. Water splashes on the pod. And it was only just suspended above a foot of rainwater that had collected at the bottom of the box. A very damp environment for those cables and their connections. That wouldn't be good for calls and Broadband. I mentioned K---'s theory that this local setup was in any case now overloaded, and needed an upgrade. He seemed to agree. I made remarks and noises that might encourage a recommendation to upgrade as an urgent priority.

So no blogging on my PC till I get my Broadband back. And no blogging on my tablet, unless - as with this post - I can find a public wi-fi spot. And no blogging on my phone, because Opera Mini won't now work with Google Blogger, or at any rate you can't create and edit posts any more, only view them; and doing it with Vodafone Live! is impossible.

It's a wonder that I'm not totally discouraged with all things Internet! But how can I fail to be heartened, now that my Blogger pageview total has passed 100,000? Mind you, it's taken three years to do that, so the achievement is not really so impressive as it sounds. And it must be dwarfed by the pageview figures on the most popular blogs. Even so, it means that a lot of people have found the time and motivation to glance at my posts. I'm tremendously flattered. I hope that nobody felt it was a waste of time. I hope that, more than occasionally, my experiences and points of view have spoken meaningfully to a wide group of people.

Anyway, there will be more of the same, if BT allows it of course!


  1. Oh I'd say 100,000 is impressive for three years. I started mine three years ago last January and my total thus far is only 46,567. My daily visits are usually between 25 minimum to around 50 or more. My busiest day gave me 324 visits. I'm not sure what my blogspot site stats are but they will be far lower than the WP one. I have written over 1450 posts in that time which I think is quite an achievement in itself. I hope your broadband is restored soon. Maybe it will be upgraded to fibre-optic. That's what they are currently working on nationwide but it takes time to get down to local street level I suppose.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. BT is an acronym and none of the many versions are complementary!

    B****y Thieves was one, as soon as we escaped their unreliable clutches they wanted us back at half price!

    One day they demanded my email password more than fifty times and often cut off access for days on end...

  3. Our phone line fails with monotonous regularity and a bloke from BT Open Reach can be observed peering into the connexion box at least once every couple of weeks. Last time he was here he explained that the old aluminium cable beneath our street now has more damaged pairs than good ones, and it's only a matter of time before it will have to be replaced. I recall the same story a couple of years ago!


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